Scott Speedman Chat Transcript


Moderator: Hi there, everybody. Welcome to this month's Felicity chat.Today's guest is Scott Speedman. We've got Scott Speedman here to chat with you all. Say hi, Scott.

Scott Speedman: Hey, how you doing?

monDC1FCF2924730341: You guys are popular here. We are wondering when you
will be coming over here for a visit.

Scott Speedman: British Columbia? Or Washington DC? I don't know, I don't
think we're scheduled to go there.

kerriFC1C1752F11A9FAB: Scott, greeting from a fellow Canadian (I'm from Toronto, as well!). I wanted to ask you what your typical day is like on the set?! Thanx! Love the show!! :)

Scott Speedman: I drink a lot of coffee and play a lot of basketball. They have a net set up. I'm a huge fan. New York Knicks are my favorite team.
They have a lot of heart. The Lakers are great, but the Knicks have a lot of heart.

Vanessa2F3B28B3225B0341: What is your relationship status?

Scott Speedman: I'm single. Ha!

monDC1FCF2924730341: Hello, Scott. I'm Mon from Manila, Philippines. You know what, Felicity is such a big hit here in Manila. The show is on
Thursday nights.

Scott Speedman: Wow! I'd love to go there. The Philippines. I'm sure it's beautiful there. I've seen a lot of pictures and have always wanted to go

cris3D2ECEA833905C64: Hi Scott!! You are such a natural actor. I love your character. Do you have any future film plans after Duets??

Scott Speedman: Not as of yet. I'm trying to figure that out right now. Our hiatus is coming up. I want to do a good film. I'm trying to figure out
which one to do.

Moderator: What do you look for in choosing a character to play?

Scott Speedman: I don't really think about it in terms of character. I know from the first 25 pages of the script if it's something I want to be in. If
it's something I want to be in, if it's got heart. If they're making it for money, or because it's got heart.

Vanessa2F3B28B3225B0341: What attracts you to a woman (looks and personality-wise)? Will you marry me? :) I can get a witness! LOL

Scott Speedman: I'm just not ready for marriage right now. I'd love to meet her first. That would probably be better. I just like real girls, real
people. That's a hard question. As long as they're real and smart and all that good stuff.

bee8CB71E04225BF7AF: How are you similar to Ben? How are you different?

Scott Speedman: I'm actually very similar to Ben. In a lot of ways, I try to make him as similar to me when I was 19. The writers are writing to what I
bring in. I think I have a lot in common.

Moderator: How do you feel about the direction Ben has taken this year?

Scott Speedman: It's good. I like it when he gets to be a bit of a smart guy, more of a goof, you know. Causing trouble, and what not. I like that.
It's more fun for me to act.

Moderator: He almost seems like he's a little lost this year.

Scott Speedman: Yeah, I think he's always a little lost. I think that's a lot of what being that age is. For me definitely was.

Moderator: Okay, so my question is - what is Ben's major?

Scott Speedman: Gee, that's a toughie. I don't think he has one. He's definitely all over the place, definitely.

LeahA5DD1A0BCD25D9AE: You're a really great actor. You portray your character really well.

Scott Speedman: Yeah, thank you.

monDC1FCF2924730341: All of you guys have a good chemistry on screen. Off screen do you get along just as well with your co-stars, especially Scott Foley?

Scott Speedman: Yeah, we get along very well. I mean, we're all very, very busy, so when we're not working we're off with our friends and stuff. But we
all get along very well.

Moderator: Okay now, you sound like you're about to fall asleep Scott.

Scott Speedman: LOL Oh, sorry!

Moderator: A little more energy!

Scott Speedman: Sorry. I apologize.

Moderator: It's okay.

Scott Speedman: LOL I apologize. I'm very sorry. LOL

Moderator: Time do go get some more coffee.

Scott Speedman: It's just that I think I've been drinking so much today.

Moderator: What time did you start work today?

Scott Speedman: I think it was 10 o'clock in the morning.

Moderator: Okay, so you have no excuse. LOL No, you do a lot of hard work.

Scott Speedman: I do.

AndreaBAD834504DFC9FFE: SCOTT, I LOVE YOU!!!! I'm your BIGGEST fan. Will you
be coming over to the Bay Area anytime soon?

Scott Speedman: I'd love to. I have a lot of friends up there that I wanna go see. But it's just when I get a break, and I don't know when that is.

Moderator: When do you stop filming for the year?

Scott Speedman: I believe in May, early May.

Moderator: So it's just a few more months.

Scott Speedman: Yeah, it's a couple more months.

KimberBC1F9F1241899253: Hey Scott, I'm missing Friends for this, so make it
worthwhile for me!!!! I was just wondering what is the one thing in the world you wish you could do, but for some reason it's not possible?

Scott Speedman: Whoa! I guess travel. I'd really like to travel a lot. My friends that I grew up with are travelling around the world, and going to
Thailand and spending a lot of time just seeing the world. And I guess that's something I feel I can't do right now. It's just ... for this work,
and I'd like to make a film. So I have to stay here. I'd like to do some theater in New York. I'd like to do that.

Moderator: You haven't done theater in New York?

Scott Speedman: Never, no. I've studied theater in New York, I've just never done any contractual.

Nena76457DBAD59CC06A: Hey, Scott! I'm from Brazil and I just wanna say that you have the most captivating smile I've ever seen!

Scott Speedman: Aww.

Moderator: I have to agree. You've got a really great smile.

Scott Speedman: Tell her thank you very much. I really appreciate that.

Nena76457DBAD59CC06A: Congratulations for your performance on the show! And, oh ... I LOVE YOU!!!

Scott Speedman: Oh, that's so nice. Thank you.

Moderator: It's a lot of people from all over.

Scott Speedman: That's cool. That's great.

OdetteD001BB5F49C91092: A big hello from Toronto (GO EHSS!)

Scott Speedman: Where is she from Toronto? I mean, where does she live in Toronto?

Moderator: She doesn't say. I didn't know what EHSS means.

Scott Speedman: Earl Haig Secondary School. That's where I went to high school.

Moderator: Oh, wow! That's where she's from, I guess.

Scott Speedman: Oh yeah, that's amazing. Yeah. It's like ... I loved to go to high school there. A great high school.

OdetteD001BB5F49C91092: I caught your performance of Zoo Story last summer
and it was excellent! Your character was so tragic, someone who so badly wanted to be able to communicate but didn't know how ... What leads you to choose the characters you portray, and will you be doing any more work in Toronto soon?

Scott Speedman: I'd love to do some more work in Toronto. It's just, again, this film, the schedules and all that stuff. But, in terms of that
character, I guess ... I'd never done any theater before and if I was gonna do it, that character to me seemed like such a challenge. 'Cause it's a very emotionally deranged character. And emotionally stifled and lost. It's just something bigger than I've ever tried to do before.

Moderator: That sounds emotionally draining.

Scott Speedman: It was the most exhausting thing I've ever done. It was really hard. It was very hard. But it was great.

Grace1F87012348249FFE: How are your Excel skills coming along?

Scott Speedman: What's that? Say that again. Sorry?

Moderator: Because the episodes that we've just been seeing are the ones where you were volunteering over at the health center with Felicity. They wanna know how your Excel skills are coming along.

Scott Speedman: Oh, they're not coming along too well at all. I'm a mess at the computer myself actually. So I think that's why they put that in there.I don't own a computer, I don't really know how to turn one on.

Moderator: You don't know how to turn a computer on?

Scott Speedman: Well, I figure there's an "on" button on there somewhere that you're gonna press.

Moderator: They make it real easy now I think.

Scott Speedman: Yeah, I bet.

Moderator: I'm sure he has a million people who are gonna volunteer: 'I'll show him how to work a computer.'

michele527CF99691A439E2: Do you like your hair better long or short?

Scott Speedman: I don't really care. Whatever. I'd like to grow out a little maybe.

Moderator: This is just me, but I like it short.

Scott Speedman: Oh, that's cool. Thank you.

Moderator: You're welcome.

melodyAE5EBBD82D359FFE: There are two Scotts in Felicity, how are you differentiated? Any pet names?

Scott Speedman: Speedman, Speedy. LOL When we work together that's what they call me, I guess.

Moderator: Speedy and Foley?

Scott Speedman: Speedy, Foley. Yeah.

erinkidCD7497799FBE5B9C: If Felicity were a person in real life, would she be a girl that you'd wanna date?

Scott Speedman: Um ... Sure, yeah. I mean, yeah, why not?

Moderator: You mean like: 'whatever'?

Scott Speedman: LOL No, she's ... Yeah, like that character's pretty interesting. Challenging, and what not.

Moderator: You're gonna love this next question.

Scott Speedman: What is it?

Moderator: Okay, this is one of those hypothetical ... it almost sounds like method acting question.

sloanerF529FB714870A1FC: If you could be any vegetable, what would it be?
(Don't say rutabaga).

Scott Speedman: I can't say rutabaga?

Moderator: That's what they said. Don't say rutabaga.

Scott Speedman: If I could be any vegetable, what would I be? Is a potato a vegetable?

Moderator: That counts.

Scott Speedman: Alright, potato. I'd love to be a big potato. Big potato.

HannahA5DD1A0BCD25D9AE: Have you ever entered a Mr. America contest, cause
you would win!

Scott Speedman: No, I've never entered a Mr. America contest.

Moderator: We have a rumor question.

Scott Speedman: Oh ... okay.

Moderator: You ready?

Scott Speedman: No.

Moderator: 'No.'

Scott Speedman: The answer is no.

Moderator: You haven't heard the question yet. Do you wan't me to skip it? Do you want a rumor question?

Scott Speedman: Yeah.

Moderator: You want it. Okay.

annieme831D76AC9219B40F: You and Keri have such chemistry onscreen. Any truth to the rumors that you're dating in real life?

Scott Speedman: No, we're just friends. LOL I knew that one was coming.

Moderator: You knew that one was coming, didn't you? Okay, we've got like a ton of questions that wanna know about you and girls. I'm trying to look
through it to find something else to ask you.

monDC1FCF2924730341: What do you like most about playing your character Ben?

Scott Speedman: I guess, really just, I like that he's just not perfect.That he's just like a bit of a 19-year-old goof, you know. He's just not TV
friendly. Totally. I guess.

Moderator: Okay, and you're how old now?

Scott Speedman: I'm 24.

Moderator: You're 24?

Scott Speedman: Yes.

Moderator: So, how were you when you were 19?

Scott Speedman: Lost, confused, a little angry ... experimental. LOL

Moderator: Okay, I'm not touching that one.

Scott Speedman: LOL You know, whatever ...

Moderator: You like that word - 'whatever,' don't you?

Scott Speedman: LOL Yeah. Just trying to figure it out, I guess.

Moderator: Still trying to figure it out, or you've got it figured out?

Scott Speedman: No, still trying.

AmyADF9D4E21A337C08: What's your favorite thing to do when you're not on the set?

Scott Speedman: I play basketball. I have games all over the city that I'm playing that I like.

Moderator: How often do you go to New York?

Scott Speedman: You know, all of my best friends are there. I like to get there as much as I can, but not too often. Every three months.

Moderator: So do you get to catch the Knicks games when you're out there?

Scott Speedman: No, I've never been to a Knicks game. It's like, I want to so bad, but I can't.

Moderator: You go on the weekend!

Scott Speedman: I know, I should. But I play basketball on the weekends.

Moderator: You go to Laker games?

Scott Speedman: I've been to one. I'm going to a couple coming up. I'm going to see them play New York actually.

Moderator: When is that one?

Scott Speedman: It's in March.

Moderator: I will be there. I go to all the games.

Scott Speedman: Oh yeah. That's cool. I'm seeing Sacramento too in April.

Moderator: Oh, they're great.

Scott Speedman: Yeah, I can't wait to see that.

Moderator: That's Jason Williams. You have to go see Jason Williams.

Scott Speedman: Yeah, Jason Williams. Yeah, he is one of my favorite players.

di1397137AC6F31731: Scott, you remind me a lot of JFK, Jr. You could play him in a movie.

Scott Speedman: Oh wow, that's an odd thing.

Moderator: Isn't that a great compliment?

Scott Speedman: That's a great compliment, yeah. Somebody else told me that recently. I don't really see it, but that's quite a compliment.

Moderator: It's that elegant look.

Scott Speedman: Tell them thank you.

sarah9BA779890F789FFE: How was it working with Gwyneth Paltrow in Duets? I can't wait to see it - sounds great.

Scott Speedman: Yeah, it was great. It was a little nerve-wracking at first, but it was great. She's just a really good actress. You could tell right
away why she is where she is.

Moderator: So when was it nerve-wracking?

Scott Speedman: Just, you know, I had never ... my first film down here. I took a part and, with good actors. I don't know, it's just always a
nerve-wracking thing with a old movie production. She'd just been nominated for the Academy Award my first day, so ... my first day at work. So it was
just a bigger thing, which she was pretty cool about.

milk0FF69CABE06E50BC: Scott, any other favorite asides from basketball?

Scott Speedman: Any other things I like to do down here? To be honest, I'm just kind of been obsessing over it for a while. I don't know, I like to
drive around in Los Angeles a lot.

Moderator: That sounds very interesting.

Scott Speedman: LOL I know, it's not very interesting. I like to get out of the city and go hike or something like that.

Moderator: So you like to hike. You like the outdoors.

Scott Speedman: Oh, I love that, yeah.

Moderator: You like sports?

Scott Speedman: Yes, very much so.

karinnaAE5ED0532D359FFE: How is your sister Tracey?

Scott Speedman: My sister's great. She's about to have a baby in about a month and a half.

Moderator: Wow! First one?

Scott Speedman: Yeah, first baby.

Moderator: Oh, Uncle Scott.

Scott Speedman: Uncle Scott, yeah. She's real good. She's real excited. She's just, I guess, uncomfortable, she told me the other night.

lisaA151BE7BED5756C8: You sound tired.

Scott Speedman: Who said that? I sound tired? I'm not tired! I'm not tired! Not at all! I'm wide awake!

Moderator: Are you through filming for the day?

Scott Speedman: No! No, I've got some more to go. Yeah, I've got two more scenes. We're gonna be here real late tonight.

Moderator: Really?

Scott Speedman: Yeah, it's been a slow day.

Moderator: You're gonna get tired if you do a lot of sitting around.

Scott Speedman: Keri won't come out of her trailer. :)

Moderator: Oh-oh. No, I think ... was it when we chatted with Amy Jo, it was right around the time, she goes: 'Yeah, I just got out of breakfast.'

Scott Speedman: What, really!?

Moderator: Yeah.

Odette6574D3A1E09013ED: What kind of car do you drive?

Scott Speedman: I'm driving a rental car. So it's, I think ... I don't know, like some ... I don't know, just some rental car.

Moderator: You don't have a regular car out here?

Scott Speedman: No, I've never got my license out here.

Moderator: You're kidding! What are you waiting for?

Scott Speedman: I've just been lazy about it, really. You know, they wanted me to take my driving test and my written test, and all that. I just haven't done it. I've got to go do it. It was my New Year's resolution. But I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I've got to do it. I'm paying so much money in rent on the car every month. But I'll do it.

CherrieFF3CC1AE09026369: So you like to travel, where have you been?

Scott Speedman: I've been to Ireland recently. I just came back from Scotland and London, over Christmas. I went to Ireland last hiatus. You
know, just all over the place. I mean, I'd like to travel more, I just don't have time.

Moderator: So you went to Scotland and Ireland.

Scott Speedman: I like Scotland and Ireland the most. I was born in London. Ireland's great though.

lisaA151BE7BED5756C8: Don't take your driver's test in Culver City.

Scott Speedman: Don't take it in Culver City? Why? I almost did! That's funny! I almost took it there. Okay, I won't do that. I wonder why?

Kate8C8D559ABC076413: What do you mean, Keri won't come out of her trailer?

Scott Speedman: I was just kidding. Keri's great. She's totally ready to work.

SPOILER1092B8802775749E: Scott, do you sing?

Scott Speedman: Do I sing? No. I don't sing at all.

Moderator: Or do you sing very badly, so you don't sing?

Scott Speedman: I sing VERY badly. Everybody makes fun of me whenever I try to sing.

bobmlaE3B5800F19AB7CD4: Describe Keri in one word.

Scott Speedman: Keri in one word? Uh ... She just walked by and heard her name. She ran away. Keri in one word ... I don't know ... Oh, my gosh! What would you say? I don't know.

Moderator: I don't know her.

Scott Speedman: Oh, come on! Come on!

Moderator: Why don't we go ask Keri?

Scott Speedman: Yeah ... Just interesting. Let's say that. Very interesting.

Moderator: Interesting.

Scott Speedman: Very interesting.

Moderator: That's a good word.

Scott Speedman: That's a good word, right?

maryB78D611D56B41DB5: Are you Irish?

Scott Speedman: No, my whole family is Scottish. I was born in ... I'm born in London, though.

Moderator: So your family's Scottish. You were born in London ...

Scott Speedman: I was the only one born outside of Scotland, yeah.

Moderator: And you moved to ...

Scott Speedman: Toronto. I went when I was four years old and moved to Toronto.

Moderator: So you pretty much grew up there?

Scott Speedman: Yeah. Oh yeah, when I was four years old I moved there. So I grew up there.

Kerry43D49A3B19577CD4: How was the weather in Ireland around Christmas? I went in September, and it was great!

Scott Speedman: I was in Ireland last summer. Over Christmas I was in Scotland and London, and it was very cold and rainy. But in Ireland last
summer it was beautiful. I was very lucky. I had a great time. It was beautiful weather.

vanessa84DD993D5106D98A: If you would be stranded on a deserted island for one year, who would you pick? Time Magazine's woman of the year or Playboy's playmate of the year?

Scott Speedman: Time Magazine.

Moderator: Really?

Scott Speedman: Yeah. I'd have to say. Quite honestly. I think all the men
just threw up.

Moderator: Probably.

Scott Speedman: Yeah, right.

Moderator: And all the women respect you now.

Scott Speedman: Yeah. LOL Yeah.

Moderator: Explain the reasoning.

Scott Speedman: I don't know. Those Playboy girls ... I don't know. They're
not all that, I don't think.

Moderator: So you mean you like a woman with a mind?

Scott Speedman: Sure, yeah.

Moderator: Whatever?

Scott Speedman: LOL No, not whatever! Yeah, for sure. Yeah.

fel_benFAF56E50E3FE56C8: Which part of Ireland did you go to?

Scott Speedman: I started in Dublin and then I rented a car and I drove down to Killarney. My favorite place I went to was a town called Dingle. It's a very small town. They don't like tourists. But I could go out, a lot of good drinking. Fun, dancing, run around. It was very fun. It's beautiful, very

Moderator: So do you have any wild stories from your trip?

Scott Speedman: I do, yeah. LOL

Moderator: Any that you can share?

Scott Speedman: No.

Moderator: LOL "Nope."

nat5CBBBC473F17D012: What is the one thing in your life that you regret?

Moderator: Is there anything that you regret?

Scott Speedman: Yeah, there's some stuff, like in terms of I used to be a swimmer, I guess I regret ... not getting to where I wanted to in sports.
But, I mean, that's not something I think about too much.

Moderator: So you're a basketball junkie, but you like swimming?

Scott Speedman: No, I mean, swimming was just ... I grew up a swimmer. I was, you know, at a high level in Canada, or whatever. And basketball's just for fun. I guess I just got nuts about basketball. But swimming was a very serious thing.

Moderator: You know, I was on a basketball team.

Scott Speedman: Oh really?

Moderator: In junior high.

Scott Speedman: I just started playing last year, really.

Moderator: Well, I had no business being there. I didn't know how to play, but ... very much into it. I can name you all the teams ... Before I got
into it, like I heard about the Lakers, and I heard a rumor that New York had a team, but that's about it.

Scott Speedman: LOL

Moderator: You really get into it.

Scott Speedman: Yeah. Yeah, I'd loved to have played on a team in high school or something. I never got to.

annieme831D76AC9219B40F: What did you do for Valentine's Day, and what's the most romantic thing you've ever done for anyone?

Scott Speedman: First part - No, I didn't do anything for Valentine's Day. I didn't. I was working that day I think. I just went home. And I really don't know what the most romantic thing I've ever done was. I don't know. I really can't answer that question.

Moderator: Okay! What's any romantic thing you've ever done?

Scott Speedman: Uh ... Geez ... I don't know. Oh, gosh.

Moderator: You're just a romantic fool Scott Speedman.

Scott Speedman: I remember I told this girl I was dating in high school that I didn't get her anything for Valentine's Day. But I had left stuff at her
house for when she got home.

Moderator: So she was surprised?

Scott Speedman: She was very surprised. LOL Not that romantic though.

Moderator: It's something.

Scott Speedman: It's something, man.

milk0FF69CABE06E50BC: Weren't you injured and that's why you couldn't swim anymore?

Scott Speedman: Yeah, I was injured. I got injured when I was 16. Just
overswimming. I overtrained too much. I was long-distance swimmer, and I was swimming about, you know, 20 kilometers a day for a while, and I just got injured.

Moderator: You strained your muscles or something?

Scott Speedman: Yeah, it was a neck injury that affected my left thigh and my arm and my body.

Moderator: That sounds scary.

Scott Speedman: It's OK. It's really not that ... Just, I basically burned out. You know, I can do everything else, I just got burned out.

LynnADF9D4E21A337C08: I'm a diver, have you ever tried your luck at that?

Scott Speedman: Never, really. I was kind of a crazy diver when I was a kid, doing whatever. But never in a really professional way, no I've never tried it.

sloanerF529FB714870A1FC: Who are some of your favorite music artists?

Scott Speedman: I mean, it goes in and out. I mean, I like a lot of music. But right now I'm listening to a lot of Air, which is a French band. Moby. Kid Loco. And, you know, and I love like Neil Young and Led Zeppelin, so ...And Bob Dylan and what not. A lot of different kind of stuff.

Moderator: Okay, these first few bands I have no idea what their music sounds like, I've never heard of them, and I'm sure if you listen to them
they're very good.

Scott Speedman: They're very good, yeah. They're obscure. I mean, Moby's not obscure really. Moby's kind of broken into the States, but Air is a very specific, dreamy, very ambient kind of music and Kid Loco is the same. It's really ... It's a different kind of music, but it's great.

Moderator: How would you describe it?

Scott Speedman: I don't know. It's very ... I guess ambient is the word to describe it. But it's very, it's mood-altering, for sure. Puts you in a very specific state.

spiralz66D90AB979904197: You're amazing! Have you ever actually been to Palo Alto? Not too many people there with your accent!

Scott Speedman: LOL That's funny! I wonder what kind of accent they have. No, I've never been to Palo Alto, I've driven up around there, I've never
been there. But I guess my accent is a little Eastern ... I imagine.

Moderator: You don't sound like you have much of an accent to me.

Scott Speedman: I guess I don't either. The only thing I suffer from is lazy speech. Probably you can hear that.

Moderator: What was that? No, I'm kidding!

Scott Speedman: I do mumble quite a bit.

Moderator: Do you have a Canadian accent at all?

Scott Speedman: I don't, I mean, I have been very lucky in terms of, I adopted an American accent when I started working about four years ago.
Subconsciously, I think. It's never been a problem. It's a problem for Canadian actors coming down here.

Moderator: But you don't say "a-boot"?

Scott Speedman: I don't say "a-boot." No, I don't ...

di1397137AC6F31731: What question do you get asked the most?

Scott Speedman: What question do I get asked the most? Yeah like, 'what do you like about your character?,' I guess is the one that everybody asks me. It's such a hard question to ask. Uh ... hard question to answer, sorry.

Jen78589DGH5DEP: Oh golly! Well, I have homework to do and no one is seeing me so I'm leaving. Bye Scott! Like you're gonna know I was here anyways, or that I'm saying goodbye. I'm crushed. I can't believe this didn't work.

Scott Speedman: Oh no! What's her name? Jen? Oh, Jen, it's time that I said hi. And she doesn't have to do her homework. I'm sure she has grades that homework doesn't matter.

Moderator: And any teachers who are logged in ...

Scott Speedman: LOL My mom and my sister are teachers. They're gonna get very upset with me. But no ... Hi Jen, I'm sorry you have to leave to go do your homework. I'm glad you were with me though.

Moderator: Okay, now you're having a lazy mumbling again.

Scott Speedman: Oh, sorry! You understand what I said?

Moderator: Yeah, our typist got it.

Scott Speedman: Okay, great. See!

pardiVKL965503GTY1TWO: How tall are you?

Scott Speedman: I'm 6'.

saltyBN0862G3697Y74JL93: Do you have any plans for President's Weekend?

Scott Speedman: No, I don't. I don't. I'm just gonna hang out and play basketball.

Moderator: Do you guys work on weekends?

Scott Speedman: No, unless we have photo shoots or just stuff like this to
do, no I don't. I'm not working this weekend. I have Monday off. I'll probably go drive up North somewhere.

Moderator: In your rental car.

Scott Speedman: In my little rental car, yeah.

Moderator: And you ought to study for your license.

Scott Speedman: I should, but I'm not.

Moderator: And not in Culver City.

Scott Speedman: Not in Culver City, I promise. Promise!

AndreaBAD834504DFC9FFE: Hi Scott, I was wondering who you'd like to work with on a future movie... I love you!! I'm so excited to be talking to you!

Scott Speedman: Well, I think there's a lot of people I'd love to work with. I think a lot of directors that I'd really like to work with that have come out this year, definitely. Alexander Payne, who directed Election. David Fincher - did Fight Club. Paul Thomas Anderson, who did Magnolia. There's a lot of different kind of directors, that I really like, out there ... I think. Sal Mendes, who did American Beauty. Spike Jonze - Being John
Malkovich. This is just the kind of director that I think that have done really great work who are coming out.

Moderator: You just named everyone who is nominated for an award.

Scott Speedman: I did? Wow. See that.

Moderator: Yeah, Election, I think, was nominated for best ...

Scott Speedman: ... screenplay, yeah.

Moderator: Magnolia ... those were all nominated.

Scott Speedman: Yeah, they're just good films. Very good films.

poetC0921D2579E67C08: Hey Scott, what do you think of an older woman? Like 29 years old?

Moderator: That's much older!

Scott Speedman: Not that much older! I mean, you know ...

poetC0921D2579E67C08: And I'm also a creative writer!

Scott Speedman: What do I think? I don't know.

Moderator: Have you dated an older woman before?

Scott Speedman: Yeah. I mean, sure. I've dated some older before. Yeah, sure.

Moderator: Like how much older? Are we talking like 6 months or 6 years?

Scott Speedman: You know, yeah, about 28, or something like that. Yeah.

spiralz66D90AB979904197: Which do you like doing best, TV or movies?

Scott Speedman: Movies.

Moderator: Okay. And why?

Scott Speedman: It's just more conducive to why I got into this business, I think. TV sometimes gets monotonous, and starts to repeat itself a little
too much. And it's about commerce, I mean, it's about advertising, it's about getting ratings and there's a lot of stuff that you can't do on
television that you can do on film.

Moderator: On TV you get the recognition from being on each week.

Scott Speedman: Yeah, definitely. No, I mean, TV ... I mean, this is definitely a show that's amazing. I mean, if I was to be on any show, I would do this one. Definitely. Definitely. I think this is a great show.

Moderator: Oh, I think it's an amazing show!

Scott Speedman: Yeah, I like this show.

Moderator: Well, the storylines ... they're getting better.

Scott Speedman: Yeah, I think so.

tephsA085E36C22576663: Do you have a crush on a Hollywood celebrity?

Scott Speedman: No.

Moderator: Definitive no?

Scott Speedman: Definitive no.

spiralz66D90AB979904197: You know it's sacrilegious to be in L.A. and not drive ...

Moderator: But you do drive. You just drive a rental.

Scott Speedman: I drive, it's just not ... you know.

spiralz66D90AB979904197: It's okay in San Francisco, my hometown if you ever
want to visit.

Scott Speedman: Yeah, I love San Francisco.

CaraDD4BD6D42CA99FFE: Was that older woman Gwyneth?

Scott Speedman: No.

PezGJ7HK9S31MV05SAR: In the episode, Truth or Consequences, Ben said that he can't see himself doing anything. What do you think about that and do you ever feel that way?

Scott Speedman: Sure, yeah, definitely. Especially at that age. It's very confusing to know what you're gonna do and to feel secure and confident about what you're doing, at that age. It's just a tumultuous time, definitely.

Moderator: And it's just around the time that you start trying to figure out who you are.

Scott Speedman: Yeah, I mean, I still don't know ... I mean, I'm closer to finding out, but I mean, still it's an ongoing search. At that age a lot of
new things happen. Especially for me, they did. So it's a very confusing time.

Moderator: Well, I'm older than you, and I'm still trying to figure it out.

Scott Speedman: Yeah. I mean, I don't think it's something that you ever actually figure out.

Moderator: There's no right and wrong answer.

Scott Speedman: Definitely. Definitely.

Lorena3A582733FD8CB40F: Hi Scott, I'm from Chile. Do you speak Spanish?

Scott Speedman: I don't speak Spanish, no. I wish I did, but I don't. I don't speak any other languages.

Moderator: Say: "Hola."

Scott Speedman: Hola.

Moderator: Okay, so you said hi to her.

Scott Speedman: Alright! That's cool.

Gaby22E25002E5C72B73: Do you like Felicity's new hair cut?

Scott Speedman: I love it, yeah. I think it's beautiful.

Moderator: Is it any longer now or is it ..?

Scott Speedman: It's a bit longer. It's growing, yeah.

DulciA6B9F32B7ABDFCDE: It is a pity you are not dating Keri. Your are a very nice couple.

Scott Speedman: LOL Yeah, I know. We're good friends. Very good friends. We
get along very well.

SPOILER1092B8802775749E: We want info on future episodes!!!

Moderator: How much can you tell us?

Scott Speedman: I can't tell you anything, really. J.J. Abrams, the producer and developer of the show, is very secretive about what's going on on the show. He doesn't like us to give anything away.

Moderator: How far in advance do you get the scripts?

Scott Speedman: I'm shooting the new script today, and I got my script last night.

Moderator: You don't get much time to look over it?

Scott Speedman: Not much time at all. I'm trying to figure it out right now.

NiNa958AC4C346C4925C: I remember watching this Nancy Drew series 5 years ago... were you Ned?

Scott Speedman: LOL I was! I was Ned Nickerson. That was one of my first jobs. And I know it was terrible.

CaraDD4BD6D42CA99FFE: I have a few tapes of Ned Nickerson that I'm holding for ransom? Any comment?

Scott Speedman: Yeah, please ... I'll pay you anything! Destroy them! LOL Destroy them!

Kim52C42C4DC7A76918: It's very nice of you to chat with your fans like this. If you were to go online and chat with anyone (living or dead) who would it be?

Scott Speedman: Jack Kerouac. I'd like to pick his brain. Or Jim Morrison. I'd like to talk to those guys.

Moderator: That would be an interesting chat, with Jim Morrison.

Scott Speedman: Yeah, it would be interesting. It would be. I'd rather talk to him, over a beer or something.

Moderator: Maybe one day.

Scott Speedman: Maybe one day, yeah.

Moderator: In another life.

vanessa84DD993D5106D98A: Do you like the clothes you wear on the show?

Scott Speedman: Yeah, most of them, yeah. I think they do a good job. I'm very picky about them, like I don't like to wear anything that looks too expensive or looks to nice. I hate that. I hate when they have to nice clothes. So I try to bum it out a little bit. Try to make it look as real as possible, but it's hard.

vanessa84DD993D5106D98A: Your first name is Robert. Why do you go by Scott?

Scott Speedman: Robert is just something, you know, that's gone in my family. They just named me that for tradition, but really naming me Scott.
So ... you know, my father's name was also Robert and my grandfather.

lisaA151BE7BED5756C8: What's your favorite cartoon character?

Scott Speedman: My favorite cartoon character? Oh geez ... I love Chief Wiggum that's on Simpsons.

Moderator: Ah, Simpsons fan.

Scott Speedman: Yeah.

KimberBC1F9F1241899253: What is the strangest thing you've ever had a fan do?

Scott Speedman: This girl sent me pictures of her and her triplet sisters.

Moderator: Okay, I'm afraid of this picture now.

Scott Speedman: Yeah, it was kind of ... No! It was odd, that's all. That was odd. But it was very sweet, but it was odd. I'm not used to getting fan
mail, so ...

Moderator: You're not used to getting fan mail?

Scott Speedman: No.

Moderator: Do you get a lot of fan mail or are you just not used to having people write in?

Scott Speedman: Yeah, I'm just not used to having people write in and you know, it's ... That was an interesting piece that somebody gave me to look at, to show me.

Kate8C8D559ABC076413: Robert Scott is my brother's name and I was thinking earlier that ya'll sounded alike. Crazy!!

Scott Speedman: Isn't that weird. Where is that person from?

Moderator: She doesn't say.

Scott Speedman: She doesn't say. Isn't this weird. Weird combination of names.

PLK444AE5EC7702D359FFE: Do you answer your own fanmail?

Scott Speedman: We have somebody that does a lot of it here that sorts through it. I mean ... I do as much as I can though. It's hard to keep up with that. I'd like to do more if I could.

cris3D2ECEA833905C64: Scott, you are such a natural and gifted actor, and I love your character. Do you have any upcoming film plans after Duets?

Scott Speedman: I don't. I'm looking right now. I'm in the middle of auditioning a lot and reading a lot. I'm reading a lot of scripts right now. I'll just see what I'm gonna do, if I'm gonna do anything.

teach2C1C372A2E3A3D76: I lived in Australia for a year and the one thing I missed most about Canada was the snow. How does Scott make up for the lack of a winter while in California, and does he miss it?

Scott Speedman: It's been raining a lot here right now, so at least that's something. But, I really do miss the snow also. I really do. I go home, you
know, I try to get up to Toronto a couple times and New York, so I get a taste of it. But I do miss it, I miss skiing. I mean, I can do that, I can go up to Mammoth and Northern California and ski, so ...

Moderator: California is like one of the only places where you can go to the beach and where you can go skiing.

Scott Speedman: Yeah, it's amazing. California really is amazing.

Moderator: The funny thing is, when I moved here from the East coast, I swore I wouldn't miss the rain and I wouldn't miss the seasons but it really
does make a difference.

Scott Speedman: It makes a difference, it definitely does.

melodyAE5EBBD82D359FFE: Those dressing room trailers look really small. What can possibly fit in there?

Scott Speedman: Nothing. I never go in my trailer. It's very small. And mine's disgusting. Everybody makes fun of how smelly and disgusting my
trailer is. I just throw all my shit there - oh, excuse me - throw all my stuff in there and ...

Moderator: That sounds like a place I'd really would wanna go visit.

Scott Speedman: Yeah, exactly. I'm not a very cleanly trailer guy. Most people on our show are.

milk0FF69CABE06E50BC: What do you plan on doing 10 years from now?

Moderator: Any acting? Do you wanna get into directing?

Scott Speedman: No, I'm pretty committed to acting. I still wanna figure out about acting, I want to explore. Until it gets tedious and boring for me, I
think I'll still continue with it.

Moderator: Well, thank you so much!

Scott Speedman: No, thank you!

Moderator: Taking some time and chatting with us today.

Scott Speedman: Thank you.

Moderator: Hopefully you won't be there to much longer with those other two scenes.

Scott Speedman: I'll be here for another five hours.

Moderator: Another five hours?!

Scott Speedman: Yeah.

Moderator: Wow!

Scott Speedman: LOL

Moderator: Long day!

Scott Speedman: It's okay. Yeah.

Moderator: Long day! Well, thanks so much for chatting with us. It was great!

Scott Speedman: Thank you very much guys.

Moderator: Okay, thanks Scott!

Scott Speedman: I'll see you later.

Moderator: Okay.

Scott Speedman: Alright.

Moderator: Bye-bye.

Scott Speedman: Bye.



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