070601_speedie_nationalpost.jpg (6896 bytes) New bad-hair day for Felicity (Shinan Govani, National Post)


Will this latest cropping harm the show's ratings?

Stay tuned for more hair troubles on the set of the hit teen opera Felicity. Just as the WB series (seen in Canada on CTV) is finally beginning to recover from the bad karma and dire ratings that ensued when Keri Russell cut off her long, Rapunzel-like locks, Keri's castmate, Scott Speedman, has now gone and messed around with his.

I saw the new, closely shaved look for myself when I crossed paths with the hunky young pin-up at Toronto's newest hot spot, Revival, on Wednesday night. Dressed in a baggy white T-shirt and pale-blue jeans that had indubitably seen better days -- looking like he may have lost his way to the 7-Eleven -- Scotty was sporting a hairstyle that can best be described as Dalai Lama meets NBA. Gone entirely was his signature shaggy, collegiate-boy mop.

I didn't have an opportunity to talk to the Canadian actor at the bar, but I later ran into him by chance at a Bank of Nova Scotia ATM. "So," I stumbled awkwardly, "you shaved your head."

His answer: "Yeah, man. I just did it last night. My TV show is gonna kill me."

Shall we file that one under "death wish"?



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