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NBA Entertainment League 4, the NBA's shadow league for Hollywood, tips off Sunday, May 6 at an undisclosed location in Los Angeles. The NBA's fourth installment of the private league boasts a group of players that represent 598 starring or co-starring feature film credits and 268 starring or co-starring television show credits.

Joining last season's group of players that included Don Cheadle (Traffic), Tobey Maguire (Cider House Rules), R&B artist Brian McKnight, Dean Cain, Bill Bellamy (The Brothers), Michael Rapaport (Bamboozled), Donald Faison (Remember the Titans), David Arquette (3000 Miles to Graceland), and Morris Chestnut (The Brothers), will be newcomers Woody Harrelson, Ice Cube, Vin Diesel (Saving Private Ryan), Coolio, Orlando Jones (Say It Isn't So), James Caviezel (Angel Eyes), Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray), and Justin Timberlake ( 'N Sync). Returning from a season's hiatus to shoot films is Larenz Tate (Why do Fools Fall in Love) and Leonardo DiCaprio.

NBA Entertainment League is closed to the public, but can be followed weekly exclusively here on

NBA Entertainment League


GEOFF STULTS Spin City, Just Married, Everybody Loves Raymond
DB SWEENEY Once and Again, Hardball, Goosed, The Weekend, Eight Men Out
CLARK GREGG State and Main, The Usual Suspects, What Lies Beneath (Writer)
CHRIS SPENCER Vibe, Road Dogs, Every Dog Has it's Day, The Sixth Man, The Show
CYLK COZART Three to Tango, Play it to the Bone, Conspiracy Theory
MICHAEL RAPAPORT Bamboozled, Copland, Palmetto, The Pallbearer, Men of Honor
EVAN PARKE Planet of the Apes, Cider House Rules, The Replacements
EDDIE CIBRIAN Third Watch, Say it Isn't So, In the Beginning
MICHAEL BEACH Third Watch, Soul Food, Dr. Hugo, Made Men, Asunder

KEN KOKIN Producer, The Usual Suspects, Way of the Gun
SHAWN MICHAEL HOWARD 2000 Miles to Graceland, Boycott, Men of Honor, The Colony
CHRIS LLOYD Executive Producer, Frasier, Wings
TED DEMME Director, Blow
BRODERICK JOHNSON President, Alcon Entertainment
AJ MARCANTONIO Creative Executive, Yak Yak Pictures
THOMAS HADEN CHURCH 3000 Miles to Graceland, The Specials, Wings, Tombstone
REGGIE MCFADDEN Little Nicky, The Inkwell, In Living Color
JEREMY SISTO Dragon Kin, Angel Eyes, Jesus, Little Savant, Clueless
DEVON GUMMERSALL Roswell, Seven and a Match, The Young Unknowns, Dick, Felicity
ROB ESTES Providence, Suddenly Susan, Melrose Place, Silk Stalkings

BRODY HUTZLER The Young and the Restless, Peroxide Blonde, Ally McBeal, Titans
DIRK BEEN Survivor
ICE CUBE Three Kings, All About the Benjamins, Anaconda, Boyz in the Hood
ADAM LAVORGNA Seventh Heaven, Outside Providence, Blast, Milk Money
SHANE WEST Once and Again, Get Over It, Dracula 2000, Liberty Heights
FRANKIE MUNIZ Malcolm in the Middle, Lost and Found, Deuces Wild
JASON BEHR Roswell, Dawson's Creek, Push, Rites of Passage
ASHTON KUCHER That 70's Show, Dude Where's My Car?, Texas Rangers, The Guest
KIRK SCOTT Producer, Fox Sports Interactive
BRENDAN FEHR The Forsaken, Roswell, Final Destination, Kill Me Later
JAMES LESURE For Your Love, Casanova Falling, Show and Prove

BRECKIN MEYER Josie and the Pussycats, Road Trip, Go, Clueless, 54, Rat Race
DAVID ARQUETTE 3000 Miles to Graceland, Ready to Rumble, Scream trilogy
SCOTT SPEEDMAN Felicity, Duets, The Wheelman, Ursa Major, Every 9 Seconds
GREG GRUNBERG Felicity, Hollow Man, Senseless, The Medicine Show
ORLANDO JONES Say it Isn't So, Bedazzled, Evolution, Double-Take, The Replacements
ERIC GEORGE Book of Love, What's Cooking?, Pretty Boy, Sunset Park
RICHARD T. JONES Judging Amy, Kiss the Girls, Auggie Rose, Book of Love, The Wood
MARK CURRY Hangin' With Mr. Cooper, Switchback, Panther
KEVIN FRAZIER Fox Sports Net Anchor

CHUCK PACHECO Producer/Manager
TOBEY MAGUIRE Cider House Rules, Spider-Man, Wonder Boys, Pleasantville
SIMON REX The Forsaken, Jack and Jill, Felicity, Unleashed
NICK CASSAVETES Panic, Face/Off; She's So Lovely (Director), Blow (Writer)
KEVIN CONNOLLY First Years, John Q, Devious Beings, Unhappily Ever After
JIM PRICE Manager, Artists Management Group
PAUL JOHANSSON John Q, Highlander, Glory Glory, Beverly Hills 90210
ROB KROPFL Set Designer
LEONARDO DICAPRIO Titanic, The Beach, Romeo and Juliet, The Basketball Diaries

ANDREW MIANO President, Weitz Brothers Productions
DAVE BROWN Book of Love, Rebound: Earl the Goat Manigault, Higher Ed
MORRIS CHESTNUT The Brothers, The Best Man, G.I. Jane, Scenes of the Crime
TOM CAVANAGH Ed, Something More, Eyes of a Cowboy, Honeymoon
TOMMY DAVIDSON Bamboozled, Jawanna Man, Pros and Cons, Malcolm and Eddie
CHRIS WEITZ Nutty Professor II (Writer); American Pie (Producer)
JIM CAVIEZEL Angel Eyes, Pay it Forward, Frequency, The Thin Red Line
BORIS KODJOE Soul Food, Love and Basketball; Supermodel
BOYD KESTNER Hannibal, Snakeskin, The General's Daugher, G.I. Jane
DON CHEADLE Traffic, Oceans Eleven, The Family Man, Bulworth, Boogie Nights
BRAD FOX Virgin Records

KHALIL KAIN Bones, The Velocity of Gary, Renassaince Man, Juice
JOSHUA MORROW The Young and the Restless, 3 Deep
BRIAN MCKNIGHT Grammy-nominated Recording Artist
SILAS WHITE Trawick Group
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Recording Artist, 'N Sync
WAYNE BRADY Whose Line is it Anyway?
JJ JONES Con Air, Smart Guy, Sgt. Bilko, Melrose Place
MARK MCGRATH Recording Artist, Sugar Ray

ANTWON TANNER Boston Public, The Wood, Sunset Park, Inferno, Brother
CHAUNCEY BELL Interscope Records
CIRROC LOFTON The Hoop Life, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
DEON RICHMOND Scream 3, Trippin', High Freakquency, Sister Sister
CHRIS EVANS Not Another Teen Movie, Opposite Sex
CHRISTOPHER WIEHL Bull, The Broken Hearts Club, Cold Heats, Mutiny
ERIC CHRISTIAN OLSEN Pearl Harbor, Get Real, Not Another Teen Movie
DONALD FAISON Josie and the Pussycats, Remember the Titans, Felicity, Clueless

GUY STARKMAN Owner, Jerry's Deli
JOHNNY ALVES Southie, Charm
DUANE MARTIN Any Given Sunday, Scream 2, Sugar Hill, Woo, The Inkwell
ALLEN PAYNE The Perfect Storm, A Price Abovie Rubies, Jason's Lyric
STEVE HARRIS The Practice, The Skulls, The Mod Squad, The Rock
WOOD HARRIS Remember the Titans, Paid in Full, Gold Cup, Hendrix
DONNIE WAHLBERG The Sixth Sense, Ransom, Bullfighter, Big Apples, Diamond Men
JOHNNY GILL R&B Recording Artist
CASEY WASSERMAN Owner, Los Angeles Avengers
JON HUERTAS Why do Fools Fall in Love?, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Bug
DAVID RAMSEY Pay it Forward, Three to Tango, Con Air, Mutiny

RYAN MARTIN Agent, Writers & Artists Agency
PETER MICELLI Agent, Creative Artists Agency
DEAN CAIN Lois & Clark, Rat Race, New Alcatraz, No Alibi, Militia
CORY CONCOFF Producer/Manager
MARC BLUCAS Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Summer Catch, The 60's
TIMOTHY OLYPHANT Gone in Sixty Seconds, Rock Star, Go, Scream 2, First Wives Club
OLIVER HUDSON Going Greek, Mary Jane's Last Dance, The Smokers
JASON GEDRICK Summer Catch, One Eyed King, The Last Don, Falcone
WOODY HARRELSON Edtv, Thin Red Line, Natural Born Killers, The People vs. Larry Flynt
CLEM FRANEK President, Conundrum Entertainment
VIN DIESEL Saving Private Ryan, Diablo, Boiler Room, Pitch Black

DARRYL TAJA Producer/Manager
JAMIE KENNEDY Three Kings, Bait, Boiler Room, Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3
JIM DAVIDSON Pacific Blue, Reasons of the Heart, Last Gasp
CECIL COX Producer
LARENZ TATE Why do Fools Fall in Love, Diablo, Love Come Down, The Inkwell
GIL WILLIAMS Creative Executive, Warner Bros.
GLENN PLUMMER Knight Club, Deadly Rhapsody, Speed, Speed 2, Tear it Down
TODD HOLLAND Little Nicky, The Waterboy
TWEET Tweet & Tilo

JOEL KLUG Survivor
DONDRE WHITFIELD Secret Agent Man, Happy Birthday, Between Brothers
BILL BELLAMY The Brothers, Buying the Cow, Any Given Sunday, Love Stinks
JOE TORRY Lockdown, Sprung, Fled, Poetic Justice, Commitments
GUY TORRY Pearl Harbor, The Animal, Life, American History X, Trippin
FLEX ALEXANDER Ice, Modern Vampires, The Sixth Man, City of Industry
COOLIO Grammy-winning Recording Artist
ROGER LODGE Host, Blind Date
ANTHONY ANDERSON Me Myself and Irene, Big Momma's House, Exit Wounds
FRED CRAWFORD CEO, Creative Music Management

NBA Entertainment League

Fact Sheet

NBA Entertainment League 4 (NBAEL) is the NBA's invitation-only, closed-to-the-public basketball league for celebrities and entertainment industry executives set to tip-off Sunday, May 6th in Los Angeles.

Twelve teams, compiling 120 celebrity participants total, compete against one another each Sunday through a 13-week season. All games take place at an "undisclosed" location while The Playoffs are held at the Staples Center.

2001 NBA Entertainment League participants include: Michael Rapaport, DB Sweeney, Ted Demme, Ice Cube, Frankie Muniz, Ashton Kucher, Breckin Meyer, David Arquette, Scott Speedman, Orlando Jones, Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, Nick Cassavetes, Morris Chestnut, Don Cheadle, Jim Caviezel, Tommy Davidson, Brian McKnight, Justin Timberlake, Mark McGrath, Donald Faison, Dean Cain, Woody Harrelson, Vin Diesel, Steve Harris, Jamie Kennedy, Larenz Tate, Bill Bellamy, Coolio ...

NBAEL players have amassed:
598 starring or co-starring feature film credits 268 starring or co-starring television show credits

NBAEL players collectively hold:
10 Emmy nominations, 1 win 1 People's Choice Award nomination 4 Golden Globe Award nominations, 1 win 7 MTV Movie Award nominations, 1 win 10 FOX Teen Choice Award nominations 10 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards nominations, 6 wins 6 Grammy nominations, 1 win 14 MTV Video Music Award nominations, 6 wins 8 Blockbuster Music Award nominations, 4 wins

NBAEL player roles of note:
Tiger Woods (Khalil Kain) "Shoeless" Joe Jackson (DB Sweeney) Earl "The Goat" Manigault (Don Cheadle) Muhammad Ali (David Ramsey) Sonny Liston (Steve Harris) Kevin Rooney (Clark Gregg) Jimi Hendrix (Wood Harris) Sammy Davis, Jr. (Don Cheadle) Superman (Dean Cain) Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire)


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