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Cozy Quarters (InStyle)


For most of us, the term "temporary living" refers to crashing at a friend's house or staying at a hotel. For stars, however, the phrase probably means that they have been uprooted from their homes for months on end while on location for a television or movie shoot. And though their accommodations may be high-end, it's never easy achieving that familiar, lived-in feeling when you're miles from home. Enter Karen Hartman, aka the Hard-Hatted Woman, a Hollywood real estate agent and landlady who goes the distance and then some for her celebrity clients. Hartman strives to transform her numerous apartments, as well as her two converted garages, into comfy getaways for the likes of Kevin Spacey, Matt Damon and Lenny Kravitz. "Sometimes they're only around for a month, like Damon, and I like to make sure they feel at home," say the surrogate den mother who also moonlights as a stand-up comedian. Her efforts include decorating in the star's favorite colors, and stocking the refrigerator with his or her favorite foods (including precooked meals) and champagne. "Basically all they need to do is bring a toothbrush," adds Hartman. When Felicity's Scott Speedman moved from his hometown in Canada to a Hartman house, she decorated his place with a lot of candles ("because he is very romantic") and Canadian flags. Sometimes Hartman will even do his laundry. With this kind of treatment, it's no wonder Speedman chooses to continue living in his original studio apartment -- with a pull-out bed, no less -- even though he can now afford something a bit more upscale.



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