Dare Pays Off for Nancy Drew Hunk (Zorianna Kit, The Toronto Star)



The new Nancy Drew TV series being filmed in Toronto features an updated Nancy (played by Tracy Ryan). She's been taken out
of her home in River Heights and placed in a big city where she lives on her own and studies criminology. And she has a cute boyfriend, Ned Nickerson, played by 19-year-old Scott Speedman.

Speedman is new to acting, having gotten into it because of a sports injury. "I was very much into competitive swimming. I've been doing it since I was 8 years old," says Speedman, who held the national record for the 100-metre medley in 1988 and was a member of Canada's National Swim Team in 1992. After his personal best performance at the 1992 Olympic trials, "I developed a nerve problem in my neck and could hardly pull through the water anymore. All of a sudden I go from 11 times a week training - my life - to doing nothing."

On a dare from a friend, he sat down at CITY-TV's Speaker's Corner booth, gave his name and telephone number, and declared his interest in playing The Boy Wonder in Batman Forever, then casting in Toronto.

Amazingly, within two weeks, Speedman got a call from Warner Bros. inviting him to audition for the part. Although he'd never acted before, he got two call backs and impressed the casting director so much, she put him in touch with an agent, launching his acting career.

A guest starring role in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues led to a role in the upcoming CBC movie Networth. Then came

"I'm having a blast doing this," says Speedman. "I'd love to do this for a career."

He's still active in sports, which happens to be in his blood. His father was a rugby player, and his mother once held a world record in indoor 600-metre track.

"I still swim and train. I do a lot of running now. If I was only acting, I'd drive myself nuts."

Instead, the gorgeous Speedman will be driving the ladies nuts.



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