"Don't Try to Leave the Country" (Entertainment Tonight)



ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT: What new things are happening for Ben this year?

SCOTT: I think the things that are going on with my character this year are older themes that we got into before but had not really dealt with in depth, like father issues. Stuff like that.

ET: Have you worked with JOHN RITTER yet?

SCOTT: Yeah. He's pretty funny; he's pretty good. Because he's so busy, we have to shoot so much in one day. So, I've only worked with him like two or three days, but it's really working out well.

ET: There was a story, Scott, that you were held in Canada? How long?

SCOTT: I was there for four or five days extra. I just went up there for a friend's wedding, and my visa had been put in but it had yet to go through. I thought it had gone through because I started work and I couldn't work unless I had my visa. I got up there for this wedding on a Friday and I got three messages from my manager basically saying, "Don't try to leave the country, because if you do, you could get banned from the United States." I didn't have a green card; I didn't have a visa. Do you work for the INS?

ET: How do you feel about the split with "Jack & Jill" in terms of the time slot, and are you at all worried about the fate of the show?

SCOTT: I don't understand what's going on. I mean, how does it work? Are they going to run all 13? It's confusing about what they are actually doing.

ET: How was it working with BRUCE and GWYNETH PALTROW on 'Duets'?

SCOTT: Well, that was almost two years ago, too. I was filming this at the same time. I was only up there for 16 days, so I was flying back and forth between the two shows, but that was a different experience in terms of that was like real family. They've been trying to make that film together for six years. Actually, they were shooting it very quickly, so there wasn't actually much difference in how they shot it. It wasn't like we did one scene per day. They had a really small budget, so it was sometimes quicker than what we've done here.

ET: What future projects do you have in the wings?

SCOTT: If you want to do something it's hard because so much time is taken here. It's a fight to do it. You have two months off, three months off, it doesn't always work out.




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