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KERI RUSSELL ("Felicity") traveled from San Francisco to the Big Apple to be near him. GWYNETH PALTROW sang "sweet nothings" to him. Who is this charming Hollywood newcomer, able to lure in the sexiest starlets with one adorable grin? It's SCOTT SPEEDMAN. Get used to that name -- because you are only going to see and hear much more show business "buzz" about this screen stud.

Born in London, England and raised in Toronto, Canada, Scott was always very athletic, into running, basketball, tennis and swimming. By the age of 12, he was already receiving recognition as one of the members of the relay swim team that held the national record for the 400-meter medley. In 1992, Scott made quite a splash at the Olympic trials for swimming, but unfortunately sustained a neck injury that forced him to quit.

How did the energetic teen fall into Tinseltown? On a total whim. He and friends went on "Much Music" (the MTV equivalent in Canada) and it was there on an "open forum" show that Scott proclaimed his interest in playing Robin in the 'Batman Forever' flick (which at that time was casting in Toronto). Scott was spotted by an agent at Warner Bros., and before you could say "Bam... Zap..." or "Pow," he got a phone call to come and audition for the part.

Needless to say, Scott didn't snag the coveted role of Batman's trusty sidekick, but he did get an agent -- and discovered his new passion in acting. Before getting his big "break" as Ben Covington on the hit series "Felicity" in 1998, Scott appeared in numerous productions, such as the "Nancy Drew" TV Series (1995), The tele-flick "Rescuers: Stories of Courage" opposite LINDA HAMILTON (1997), and thefunny Canadian feature, 'Kitchen Party' (1997).

Scott pretty much found instant fame as the dreamy Ben on "Felicity," along with fellow cast members Keri Russell, AMY JO JOHNSON and SCOTT FOLEY. The clever show about a group of "twenty-somethings" in college is currently in its 2nd successful season. The handsome 24-year-old is also venturing back onto the silver screen, starring next opposite Gwyneth Paltrow in the romantic comedy 'Duets' due out later this year.

When he's not working, Scott still loves to get out and play a mean round of tennis or basketball. He also loves to hike, camp and read. And the best part of his personal profile? He is still single... but probably not for long!




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