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Most Telling Trait... His eyes. The inner corners of Scott's eyes are
uneven. People with this trait tend to be highly original and creative.
Scott is unconventional when it comes to solving problems. His eyelids
are exposed which usually suggests someone who asks a lot of questions.
He's very concerned with why things happen. He digs for answers.

The Lips: When it comes to being a lady's man, Scott's lower lip is a
big giveaway. He's very passionate and giving. The fuller the lip the
more generous someone is by nature. On a greater scale, Scott wants to
contribute in some rare form. I see him as someone who is very concerned
with things like saving the environment.

The Eyebrows: Scott has super straight brows. People with this facial
feature are incredibly sensitive to their surroundings. They are
happiest when they can achieve a sense of harmony and balance by
surrounding themselves with things that are aesthetically pleasing. His
short distance between his brows and his eyes is typical of a lot of
actors. This usually indicates a person who is very easy going and

The Forehead: People with square foreheads like Scott's are very
romantic, caring and sincere. However, people like this also have a
tendency to put their careers before family and friends. There's no
separation between their job and their home life. Because of this,
people who are close to Scott may feel neglected.


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