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Scott Speedman's Got It (Geri Richter Campbell, Jane)



Five minutes after meeting Scott, you can tell why Felicity would follow him clear across the country without even knowing him (Hey, I disagreed when we said she was wimpy for doing that). Oh, wait, she was following Scott's character, Ben Covington. It's hard to spearate the two: they're both cute, laid-back, athletic and without a doubt someone you'd dream about taking home to mom--or just taking home. The real-life boy is 23 and owns two pairs of jeans and two black T-shirts. He's been wearing the one he has on today for a couple of weeks now, but assures me he's washed it, though not recently. His folks are Scottish, but he was born in London, and raised in Toronto. He has scrapes all over his arms from roughhousing with a giant dog on the Felicity set. How would he deal with a girl he barely knows following him to college? "I'd be flatterd, especially if she looked like Keri [Russell]--I mean, how bad could that be? What it comes down to is passion," Scott says. He describes his eight months on Los Angeles as a little lonely. And in a town where you car means everything, he's still driving a Toyota Corolla rental. Much to his publicist's and agent's dismay, he refuses to purchase a fax, computer or cell phone. he cringes at the idea of being a sex symbol. "I'm no pick-up artist. I'm not really good in that department. I get really shy and embarrassed, and ask women questions about themselves to take the focus off of me," he says. So sweet, just like Ben.


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