Girl, 10, and Boy, 9, Aim for International Titles as Rising Swimming Stars

(Karen Shopsowitz, The Toronto Star)


Carrie Fowlie, 10 and Scott Speedman, 9, are two top swimmers in their
age group today but they could be international champions tomorrow.

Both youngsters swim with the North York Aquatic Club and took high
honors at the recent Seiko Cup, held by the North York Club and the
Scarborough Aquatic Club.

The Seiko Cup gives young swimmers under 10 a chance to prove their
skills in the water.

"There are a lot of meets for 10 and under but at Seiko, the age groups
are divided into 10 and under, 9 and under and 8 and under. Carrie could
race against kids her own age," says Dave Brown, who coaches Carrie and


For Carrie, whose father Jim is the club's head coach, that meant she
was able to pick up two silver medals, in the 200- and 100-metre
freestyle, as well as taking a bronze for the 50-metre butterfly and a
silver for the 50-metre freestyle.

Carrie also earned two bronze medals for her work on the club's
9-and-under relay teams, along with fellow swimmers Heather Strupat,
Stephanie Richardson and Helen Griner in the 200-metre medley relay and
with Carolyn Ecker, Stephanie and Helen in the 200-metre freestyle.

As well, Carrie swam on the 10-and-under relay team and earned two
silver medals with Christine Walton, Tracey Kosinski and Stephanie
Richardson, for the 200-metre freestyle and 200-metre medley.

For his part, Scott picked up a silver medal in the 50-metre freestyle,
as well as bronze medals in the 100- and 200-metre freestyle relay team
of Didi Downer, Marcel L'Italien and Gregory MacDonald and the silver
medal 200-metre team of Jonathan Downer, Marcel L'Italien and Vincent


Both Carrie and Scott say their workouts at the Northview Secondary
School pool are hard but worthwhile. "We swim five times a week, for an
hour and a half at a time," Carrie says, "but we're aiming for
international competition."

The Olympics, Scott says, are the ultimate goal, "for the victory and to
be there and achieve something."

"It's impossible at this age to pick out who will make it to the
Olympics, because as they mature and get older, things change. But the
program we run here should produce some Olympic athletes," Brown says.

As for Carrie and Scott, Brown says, "They are very talented for their
age group, and it's that combination of talent and a willingness to work
hard that has contributed to their success."

The North York club has a reputation for international excellence,
having sent a strong crew of swimmers to the 1984 Olympics and to other
international meets. The club's 200 members work out at seven different
pools across North York, with participants ranging from recreational
swimmers to serious athletes.

This year, Brown says, the club won the Ontario team championship, and
the boys 10-and-under freestyle relay team, of which Scott was a member,
set four provincial records through the course of the year.

At the Seiko Cup, other top club swimmers from NYAC included Stephanie
Cooling, Denise Power, Renee Lato, Laura Condln, Chad Tranter, Ian
Ferguson and Michael Smith.


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