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HIS TEEN IDOL: "Angus Young from AC/DC. That little suit, man."

SCHOOL DAYS: "I was a swimmer in high school." says Speedman. "I got injured when I was eighteen. It was right after the Olympic trials, the biggest swim meet of my life. I swam great and then three week later I couldn't make it through the water. I went to a special school in Toronto for girfted athletes, gifted artists and gifted minds. I was part of the athletes program, but when I dropped out, I started hanging out with the actors."

BIG BREAK: being cast via videotape in a last-minute audition for Felicity"At the time, I was getting D and E roles in Toronto," He says "It was real, real crap. People told me to go to L.A., but L.A. kind of scared me. I moved there three days after I got Felicity"


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