We can't confirm or deny any of this (since none of it comes from a reputable magazine or source, and gossip--from ANY source--must be taken with a grain of salt), but we have little reason to disbelieve much of it. In any case, here it is. If you have any additional sightings or gossip to share, please e-mail. Thanks in advance.(And listen, any bizarre grammatical errors you see are not ours.These are word-for-word from whoever posted them initially.)


January 5: Just thought that you would like to know where Scott is....St. Thomas, USVI  He is staying at the Renaissance Grand Beach Resort until the end of the week.  His hair is long and shaggy, not the best look for him.
Nice guy. Very normal and easy going. Really low key


The Toronto Star (December 25): Felicity's Scott Speedman still takes the TTC. There he was on Christmas morning, on the Bloor/Danforth subway line, listening to tunes on his headphones. He exited at Bloor station, his arms laden with Christmas gifties

Mark (December 27): Scott starred as Ben on Felicity. He was shopping at HMV on Bloor St in Toronto on Dec 27th. He has much longer hair than what he had on Felicity - actually looking a bit like Jesus according to Mark who works at that HMV location.

Christian (September 10): I saw Keri Russell in the early evening on a flight from Frankfurt to Budapest on Lufthansa Air. She had her hair back, and was wearing a Diesel denim jacket (the kind with the white fabric under the arms).She was reading a script, and seemed to be traveling alone. (Ed note: Who was filming a vampire/werewolf movie in Budapest in September? You do the math.)

August 28:  I think some people are intimidated by me asking questions beyond 'what's your name?'. But I've met some really interesting people that way. Did I tell you I met Scott Speedman from Felicity (he plays Ben), yeah that was funny. I was playing basketball at west sunset and...

me: I was like so where you from?
him: Down south, I'm from LA.
me: Oh yeah, what do you do there?
him: I'm an actor.
me: (thinking, yeah right, he's a waiter wannabe actor. So I ask him) What things have you been in? (not expecting anything I've heard of)
him: Ever heard of Felicity?
me: Yeah....Who'd you play?(still expecting to him to say he had just some bit parts)
him: I play Ben, he's Felicity's boyfriend...
me: ?!?!......

July 26: after we left the other ppl in the bookstore they saw keri russell!!!!! how weird?! they said she was dressed like crap but she still looked really pretty. they took pictures with her and she signed their backpacks. they think that she was getting kinda annoyed because she said that she had to go and stuff and it didnt seem like she wanted to go.

Satori in a Bottle (June 22): Tony took the stage and rocked the joint like he ALWAYS does. About halfway through his set, I noticed (potential client) Keri Russell and her beau Scott Speedman in the crowd! I leaned over and told my cousin that they were there, and she nearly sprang out of her chair, gasping, "Where? Where?" She's kind of a big fan of Keri's, to put it mildly, tee hee. It was funny to watch her watch them instead of Tony for the rest of the night! (ed. note: In case you didn't know, Tony is Tony Lucca, singer, songwriter, former Mouseketeer, and ex-boyfriend of Keri Rusell, actress, former Mouseketeer, ex-Felicity star, and apparently current flame of Scott Speedman)

Anonymous (June 22): A few friends and I were on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles when I saw him change into the lane next to us. I wasn't sure it was him because his hair was all grown out and he looked like he hadn't shaved in a while. But then I realized it was him when I noticed his very distinct mouth. He was driving a blue Honda Civic and his hubcap looked like it was about to fall off. So we tell him and he said, "It is? Thanks." He seemed a little worried but didn't pull over to check. A part of us wondered if he believed us or we just scared him off. He looked like he was in deep contemplation about something.

Courtney (June 17): I was on my way home from work in NYC and I was walking right behind Scott and for some reason was compelled to ask if it was really him. He was by himself and I asked if he was the guy from Felicity. With an adorable smile on his face he said yes, at which point I proceed to ask him if he's going to miss the show and he said yes, but he just finished filming a movie in Philly and he's looking forward to future things. I told him to have a great time while he was in town and that was it.

Mandee R.(June 16): My sister and I were running around the reservoir in Central Park. We stopped to stretch by the bridge, and saw a guy get near the steps and go as if to run up. His hair was shaggy and long and blondish. He was wearing grey shorts and a tight white tee shirt with blue sleeves. He was clean shaven. We only realized who he was when he was almost passed us.

Ted at E!Online (June 16):  Scott Speedman, running through Central Park on a Sunday ayem, his messy mane blowin' in the breeze. Clad in a gray and royal blue baseball tee and navy running shorts and sporting a huge grin (endorphins or an endearment, I wonder?), none of the other New Yawk exercisers seemed to recognize the Felicity fox.

Scott (June 13): I saw Scott at a showing of "Y Tu Mama Tambien" in Center City, Philly tonight.   He was alone, and very low-key.

Tony (June 13):  I was around 40th and Baltimore in University City Philadelphia where he apparently was filming the 24th day. I was crossing a street that was lit with mad lights and police when I noticed Ben from Felicity walking right next to me being followed by a couple of production assistants and complaining about the lighting. He looked over at me with a "who the hell is this guy look on his face?" but didn't say anything. I actually accidently walked right into the middle of production on the set. I wanted to say something but he looked piss. Well, that's my sighting, pretty exciting eh?

Miranda (June 12):  Hey, I'm not a huge Scott Speedman fan, but today I had a thrill when I spotted him in my usual Starbucks. My frien and I were just coming in to grab our usual Mocha Fraps when this guy in sunglasses passed us. I looked at him, then I looked at my friend then we looked at him again, but it was too late, he had already started on his trek to the center city Fresh Fields, right across the street. But it was still pretty cool.

Anonymous (June 12):  Scott Speedman is in Philadelphia for the next few months (actually, the movie wrapped June 14) filming " The 24th Day." I was walking downtown this afternoon, and came across th current set location. It wasn't blocked off or anything, just outside of a resaurant and nightclub. Having been an avid Felicity viewer, I knew it was him, but had no idea what he was doing here in philly. I started talking to some of the production crew and they gave me the minor details. then I walked by Scott, who was just standing there, smiled at him, and in return got a genuine smile and the traditional "Hey." And for the record, if you think he's good looking on the screen, wait till you get up close and personal...definitely made my day.

Anonymous (June 11): I totally saw Scott at the Fresh Fields in Center City around 1:45. At first I wasn't 100% positive it was him, I though what would the chances be that I would ever see him. But the cashier confirmed it! He's been spotted there a few times

Nicole (June 10):  I saw Scott at Rittenhouse Square park in Philadelphia this afternoon. He walked by three times and I kept thinking, "Who is this hot guy?" On his third lap around the park, he stopped briefly and pet my dog. It was only when I heard his voice say, "Who's a good dog?" that I realized who it was. I turned to my friend who was sitting on the bench and said, "That was totally Ben from Felicity."

Anonymous (June 1): So I'm just getting to work and as I'm on my way up the escalator I notice this decent looking guy on his way down. So, thinking to myself, I notice, "he kinda looks like--OMG, that IS Ben!!" Scott Speedman is totally on his way out of my store! For those of you who aren't familiar with the recently concluded, hit drama series on the WB, Ben is the on-again, off-again love interest of Felicity (played by Keri Russell), one of my favorite shows, might I add! Being as retarded as I am when it comes to these situations, I'm like "OMIGOD," (yes, I said it out loud--so sad) "can I shake your hand?" So, obviously realizing the serious dork I am, he gives me his charming Ben smile and shakes my hand as he descends the escalator...

Anonymous (May 27):  I was on the train with Scott from New York to Philadelphia today. 

Nancy (May 20):  I saw Scott today at 4:30. I stopped into the Fresh Fields in Center City Philadelphia and saw this cute guy, nothing new. But he kept looking around, and at me a few times. I felt like he was waiting for me to recognize him, the place was pretty beat and I was one of the few young women in the store. I thought we went to high school together or something - I guess he's well cast.Anyway, I placed him for sure when at the check out
counter, because he was right in front of me. He was wearing athletic clothes and his hair was a little long and brushed back.

Yerelyn (May 16): I saw Scott Speedman on a flight from LAX to NYC JFK Airport. It was on Thursday, May 16th 12:30 PM flight. He obviously flew Business Class window seat I think 2nd row window. I was checking out to see if he left a mess and noticed a few bottles of water. What confirmed that it was him though, was when he came back to the plane apparently he left something behind. He said excuse me to get through the crowd. I noticed him though, I wanted to say hi, but didn't want to bother him.

Ted at E!Online (May 16): Jettin' his way across the country was that fine Felicity fellow...Scott Speedman, cruising on Delta from Hell-Ay to New Yawk. The delish (and terribly tall), S.S. signed a few autographs for some die-hard fans while killing time on the half-day journey. Looking oh so cazh, Scottie-hottie was sans Keri--or any other ladies for that matter.

Anonymous (May 15): I live in seattle and my friend and I were at Starbucks when my friend starting freaking out saying "oh my gosh! Thats Scott Speedman and Keri Russell!" I've only watched felicity a couple of times but she reminded me who they were and I remembered them from the show. They came in holding hands and laughing really hard about something. Scott was wearing a navy blue sweater with blue jeans and keri was wearing a dark red long sleeve shirt with jeans. Scott ordered two coffees of some kind and paid. They went in the corner and waited for their coffees to be ready. Scott was leaning against the wall and keri had her arms around him.  I didn't really see the big deal because they just looked like a couple but my friend was freaking saying "I can't believe they're dating!!" For some reason she thought it was huge and wouldn't shut up about it! They got their coffees and walked out holding hands.

Movieline (May):  Top 10 Places to Spot Stars in L.A.: Sports Club L.A. on Sepulveda Blvd. in West L.A. This mega workout complex is chock-a-block with celebrities of every stripe because it offers advanced workouts and it's ultraposh. For those who want to see stars sweat - Jennifer Garner, Scott Foley, Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Scott Speedman and Mark Wahlberg (even Princess Stephanie has exercised here), - this is the place to go.

Kevin (April 29)They (Scott and Keri Russell) came in (to a McDonald's in Cottage Grove, Oregon) together for an order to go. They looked familiar and then I realized who they were. When people order here, we ask for their names and Scott said, "Scott." Then she ordered two plain burgers, no fries; he ordered two Quarter Pounders, no cheese, and fries. Keri then went into the bathroom and when she came out, Scott ordered a drink, and then they left. Scott paid for the food.

Ted at E! Online (April 25):  Before we get into our luscious load of stellar star sightings, let's take a gander at one of our fave uncoupled couples. Because these two TV lovebirds just can't...seem to decide whether they are gonna nest or flee the coop.  Simply put, are Keri Russell and Scott Speedman together or not?  "Depends what time of the day it is," responded an insider from K.R.'s crowd, when I asked if the curly-headed Felicity star is currently canoodling with her onscreen honey.   I'll tell you one thing, the on-again, off-again duo looked reasonably cozy this past weekend while strolling the fashionable Robson Street in Vancouver. Dressed for a cazh Sunday amble, the petite Ms. R. wore a dark gray knee-length sweater and jeans with her mousy brown (but too adorable) mane tugged back into a ponytail. Her dreamy blue-eyed whatevuh-unit sported a navy sleeveless vest over a long-sleeve tee and jeans.  Though Keri-doll wore merely a few light brushes of makeup, it was Scotty-babe's skin that nearly stopped traffic. Maybe that Canadian upbringing has something to do with his perfectly toney looks. But I digress...With her arms crossed on her tiny frame, K.R. listened intently to the animated story her wavy blond hunkster weaved as they walked up the hill toward the congested shopping area. So intent on their enthusiastic conversation were the two cuties that neither star noticed the whiplash suffered by the innocent passersby as they spun around for a better look.  Regardless of what the sometime snookums call each other these days, I'll wager this little jaunt wasn't a getting-back-together vacation. Cold, I know.

Toni (April 9): I work in New Westminster (a suburb of Vancouver) and just spotted Scott at the New Westminster Quay, where a film is obviously being shot. He was just wandering around on his own, looking at all the stalls in the market, presumably between shoots.

Nicole (April 5):  I'm from Vancouver BC and tonight I was at this lounge called Honey in the Lotus Hotel and Scott Speedman came in all incognito but I noticed him right away and the waitress introduced herself and he said hi I'm Scott.  He had lots of facial hair and a black spy hat with a red shirt and longish hair and was with a few guys and girls...no keri.  I didn't have the guts to say anything but there was a PA that said they were filming a movie just down the street.

nycapa (March 30):  I saw Scott today; he was eating brunch outside at Sidewalk Restaurant in the East Village, Manhattan, it's on Ave. A and 7th St. He was with a random guy and a random girl, didn't recognize either of them. Had very short hair, some facial hair, wearing cargo pants.

Katie (March 17):  I saw Scott and Keri when I was hiking near Pacific Palisades last Sunday morning.  They were hiking on the same trail as us and we followed them for a long way.  After a bit, they stopped at a viewpoint and we passed by them.  They had their arms around each other and were laughing about something. 

Ted at E! Online (March 14):  Back in the City of Fallen Boob-Tubers was Felicity's finicky hunk...Scott Speedman, browsing the selection at Virgin Records. Tucked behind his sumptuous mussed-up locks, S.S. shyly shopped alone this par-tick day. Perhaps he was gearing up for his soon to be freed-up schedule, now that his WB show is wrapping up.

Anonymous (March 10):  I saw Speedy at the Lakers/Knicks game yesterday, sitting behind the basket, looking gorgeous, shy, and drinking water (with an older guy).

Omelia (Week of March 4-8):   (From the set) We saw Keri and Scott S. walking out to lunch after the filming in each other's arms, with her head on his shoulder. So sweet! They seem like such a happy couple....

Leila (March 2):  I saw Scott at the Louden Swain (Robert Patrick Benedict's band) concert at the Whisky-A-Go-Go...he was there with a couple of other guys, and was wearing a bright green t-shirt.  He left after they played the opening set.

Anonymous (February 3): I saw Scott and Keri eating sushi together at The Hump (at the Santa Monica airport)...they held hands across the table throughout the meal, and are definitely together (Carmexa:  Take that, you lying weasel, Keri!   For those of you who have read the latest issue of the superduperwowzeryummalicious magazine, Seventeen, you know that a) Ms. Russell is full of shit and is obviously not JUST friends with Scottie, and b) that she is good at riding a mechanical bull.  I'll let you put two and two together.).  I think that they go there frequently because they seemed to know the manager/waitstaff....they were both gorgeous, of course.

Ted at E! Online (January 23): Scott Speedman, leaning against a phone booth on the bustling corner of Eighth and 45th. Saturday night. Blending right in with the crusty city crowd, the divine Duets dude chatted with a bud, and not a soul recognized his fine features. at the Starbucks on the corner of 67th and Columbus in New York.

Emily (January - New Year's weekend): Scott and Keri Russell posed for a picture with fans at a New York airport.

Amanda (January 1)I saw Scott at the Starbucks on the corner of 67th and Columbus in New York...he'd just gotten done eating at a Japanese restaurant across the street (he was with a friend), and got into a cab, alone, after leaving Starbucks.

New York Daily News (January 1): Scott Speedman was seen courtside at Sunday's (December 30) Knicks game.

Anonymous (January): I met both Keri and Scott on the set of Felicity in January. A friend of mine is a really good friend of someone who worked on the set and got 3 of us in to see a taping. You can tell those two really care for each other. Even when they weren't taping they were screwing around teasing each other. Scott loves to dribble a basketball between takes. They are both very talented actors. I am so priveledged to have said I got to meet and shake hands with both of them. Scott Speedman is even more handsome in person than on t.v.



WB Talk of the Town (December 19):   So there I am on the actual Felicity set of Dean & DeLuca (sorry, it's just a set - the real thing is in NYC's SoHo) awaiting the arrival of Keri Russell, when who does she show up with? Oh, that would be Scott Speedman himself. "I dragged a friend of mine along," she tells me as she shakes my hand. "Hope that's okay." Okay? Of course! Not only did I get to spend the next half hour ogling one of the best-looking guys on The WB, but also, whenever Keri got stumped on a question, instead of doing the wussy thing by asking to skip it, Scott was right by her side helping her answer everything.

Jane (December 13):   I saw Scott in a supermarket in Burbank.

Melissa (November 17): I met Scott this weekend in San Francisco. We were both at a club called Folsom 1015. When I spotted him, he was walking in my direction. I immediately smiled as big as I could. He slowed down and yelled over the music something about not being able to find his friend. He then offered his hand for a shake and said "Hi, I'm Scott". I replied "I know" and told him my name. He then told me to have a great time and left. I tell you, boy, is he charming! And those eyes and that smile! I tried looking for him later, but the club was so packed it was impossible.

Anonymous (November 13):  (This is from a Ryan Adams concert at the Fillmore in San Francisco.) Then, the odd event of the evening, Ben from Felicity stood behind me and my friend in line. I heard him telling some girls around us that he was travelling the country and had just arrived, saw that Ryan Adams was playing and bought a scalped ticket on the street because RA is the best thing he's heard in years.

From Thomas  (September 30):   Scott Speedman and Keri Russell were spotted at the AVCO in Westwood over the weekend. Keri was in a brown floral dress with her hair pulled up and Scott was in blue jeans and a white shirt. Looking quite like a couple, they giggled, cuddled, and held hands throughout a showing of Zoolander. The two sweeties also managed to squeeze in a couple kisses before the movie started. After the movie, they walked out holding hands.  Reportedly, a guy went up to them after the movie and told Keri that he thought her boyfriend was really hot. Keri laughed and said, "I think so, too, thanks." Scott, the good-natured boy that he is, smiled and said "Thanks." And here's an interesting tidbit you can draw your own conclusions about . . . Keri was sporting a rather large diamond ring, although not on her ring finger. Hmmmmm. 

Tony (September 30): It's going to be tough leaving Westwood. Just today I saw Felicity (Keri Russell) and her boyfriend (Scott Speedman) walking to the Napa Valley Cafe. I used to envy my friends who lived a couple blocks away from where they hold celeb-packed world movie premieres. Damn, squatters, my life is so bitter now.

Watch with Wanda (September 10): brie: Do we know if Keri Russell and Scott Speedman are officially an item again?  Wanda:  Officially, no. But I can tell you that they spend nearly every waking hour together (it's the nonwaking part that's still in question).

Jenna (September): I walked into the Circle Bar in Santa Monica back in Spetember and it was early, like 9pm and perched in the corner was Scott with one buddy of his. Naturally we grabbed the table next to them and hung out with them all night. Scott bought us Coronas - such a gentleman!!  He was sooo HOT. His friend wasn't that cute, and of course he was the one initiating all the convo.  But Scott was totally nice and we were all freaking out, but after an hour of just talking to them he opened up and bought a round.  He has a firm handshake.  He was wearing dark colors, I can't remember exactly what.   We talked about the Circle Bar and how cheesy it can be - his friend was hitting on my friend so Scott and I got left out a lot and started talking.  He was super nice, a little shy - I knew he was dating Keri so I didn't want to seem too over eager, you know - I just said, 'you're on some show' and he said, 'yeah, some show'.  Then, later in the night some stripper-esque girls approached him and he was talking to them for a while.   Then he came back to us and made fun of them.  He was honestly super nice, super cute, and just out to have a beer with a friend. I did notice that he didn't get any special treatment at the bar - we went up to get beers together and I don't think they even noticed him!

Watch with Wanda (August 27):   arpy: Did Keri and Speedy get back together again?  Wanda: They looked very cozy when I saw them last week. And, of course, just as gorgeous as ever. As for their onscreen union, I'm told they hit some monumental snags (a couple that will take your breath away), but so far, no breakup in sight.

Marie (July 13):  Saw him Friday evening at the Australia Club in Toronto for a Fringe Fest (alternative theatre festival).  He walked in with a couple of guys, only stayed for about 45 minutes.  He was dressed very casually-- t-shirt and jeans.

Alex (July 13):   I work in the area of Sheppard/Yonge. And as I was coming home, I was going through the mall called the Sheppard Centre. When I was near the revolving door towards the entrance of the subway station, a guy
almost hit me going through the door accessible for people on wheelchair. The guy was carrying a basketball and was wearing a blue sweatshirt and blue jeans. I even said to myself, what a dirty looking guy ! I had to go back inside the mall since I wanted to buy something. After deciding to go to the subway, I went to the far end of the subway platform. The same guy who was wearing the blue sweatshirt and had the basketball was sitting on the floor. I was nearing him and he looked up. Oh my GAWD, it was BEN from Felicity ! I had the chance to tell him how much I love Felicity but was totally in shocked before I can do anything ! When I gathered my wits and was ready to approach him, the train came. So, we entered the same train section and sat maybe four seats away looking at him. I even took out my specs to make sure. Yes, it is Scott Speedman riding the subway. There were two girls who seemed excited at seeing him AFTER maybe 15 minutes while their big musclebound boyfriends were getting snooty about it. Scott was always fidgeting, doing stretches with his neck and arms. He cannot sit still.  So, it was time to look at him. He had the bluest eyes I have ever seen. He cut his hair very, very short like a crew cut. And he didn't shave which had stubbles on his face but he looked good. He had a clef chin. I got off at Wellesley Station for my bus but he was going downtown. He seemed to be sad and his thoughts seemed to be far away.

Ann-Marie (July 8): I was at the Pauper Pub on Bloor St. W. (at Bathurst) and I was on the roof top patio, when who walks in but Scott!  He was wearing a white button down shirt and jeans, and his hair was shaved really short.  He was there with a few friends for a couple of hours.   He didn't seem to mind when a few people went up to say hello. 

Billy (July 6):  I met Scott on the subway in Toronto...He got off at Runnymede Station if anyone is familiar.  He was alone, and his head was shaved.  I don' think he'd shaved in about a week or so...he was wearing beige cords, a plaid buttoned shirt, and a summer jacket.  It was about 12:34.  He was listening to headphones.

Watch with Wanda (March 26): penny1031: Are Keri Russell and Scott Speedman still together? Wanda: You gotta love that Hollywood gossip mill. I've been hit with a firestorm of emails saying one of two things: "I heard Keri and Scott are engaged!" or "I heard Keri and Scott broke up!" Which is true? Neither. I can assure you they're still very much together, and Keri's ring finger is still very bare.

Tea with Ted (March 22): zoya: I just heard two completely different news stories. One was that Keri Russell and Scott Speedman broke up, and the other was that Scott has proposed to her. I'm dying to know which is true. Please tell me. Ted: I have an appointment with Scott and Keri's marriage counselor right after I see Brad and Jennifer's gyno. Off the record, I haven't heard these two are over until the skinny lady sings. Would you people get a life?

The Awful Truth (February 1): Scott Speedman, being his total babely self at a showing of the poignantly splendid bare. Hudson Mainstage Theater, City of the Fallen Nudies. Simply yummy in tan pants, a long-sleeve thermal shirt and black skullcap. S-squared hung around outside after the play, standing against a wall, drinking a glass of wine and smoking a cig. The solo sweetie (hmmm...no Keri?) was friendly and gabbed with other playgoers. Kept rubbing his belly, as he so often does. Odd habit to some, bliss to others. Nothing's strange about...

John (January 20):  Arrowhead Pond Arena: The most exciting thing happened during intermission. On our way to try to locate some friends, we almost literally ran into Scott Speedman, who plays Ben on the TV series, "Felicity." It was odd because we are already aquainted with one of his co-stars, Ian Gomez (Javier) from our visits to ABC's "Norm" show. We talked about the show for a while… and the Keri Russell (Felicity, herself) came out of the ladies room. She's even prettier in person than she is on television. The were both incredibly sweet and patient. I am so glad I had my camera! (Picture)

Kristen (January): Hudson Backstage Theater:  My friend A. and I went to see a play (Margaret) in West Hollywood, directed by Mark Ruffalo (an actor who was recently in a successful small film called You Can Count on Me).  When we got up during intermission, who squeezed past me to use the bathroom but Mr. Scott Speedman himself – the guy who plays Ben on Felicity.  He had been sitting three seats down from us the whole time.

Stars Upon Thars (January): This is what happens when The New Glamor is forsaken. So we're about to stop into a copule of those cute little boutiques on Franklin Boulevard just below tony Beachwood Canyon, but of course, there's no freakin' parking anywhere, so we do the ol' park-at-Mayfair-Market-and-get-a-pack-of-gum-so-the-parking-attendant-won't-bust-you-and-make-you-move-your-car routine that those who know the area know so well. And whilst in line Keri Russell and that blonde cute boy that she (um, Felicity) knew in high school and followed to New York (we've only seen the first episode) come up behind us. Uh, Scott Speedman. m They looked young, sporty, and attractive like any other 20-something in there. They're giggly and seemingly on a sugar binge 'cause they're getting tons of candy and gum and the like.

| 2000 |

Watch with Wanda (November 27): If you heard a rumor that Scott Speedman and Keri Russell broke up, it's probably because Keri mentioned in a Thanksgiving Day interview with David Letterman that she isn't dating anyone. But remember, those two have always been tight-lipped about their romance. Actually, word around the WB watercooler is that Speedy may have popped the question over the holiday weekend.

New York Daily News (November 24): The New York Knicks are going back to school. Or, rather, they're bringing school to Madison Square Garden. Before they step onto the court for tomorrow's game against the Toronto Raptors, the home team is going to throw its first "Knicks Kids Day," a carnival for more than 200 students from public middle schools throughout the city.  Actors Billy Baldwin, Scott Speedman, Steve Harris, Hallie Eisenberg and Spencer Breslin also will be at the event, which will feature a carousel, miniature golf, pop-a-shot basketball, DJ Jazzy Jen, balloon darts, stilt-walkers, popcorn and cotton candy. But the best part of all: The kids get to stay for the game, as well as meet the Knicks players and get their autographs. By then, these kids might be racing to the visitors' locker room to get an autograph from Vince Carter.

The Awful Truth (November 2): Scott Speedman, pacing while waiting for a pal outside Caffe Latte on Wilshire Boulevard. Hell-Ay. After half an hour, Keri's stud went inside, ordered, ate, then sat and waited about an hour until his buddy finally arrived. S.S. didn't seem to mind the dude's total tardiness and greeted him with a hefty hug. Makes you wonder how such a sweetheart got a huge shiner on one of his dreamy eyes.

Felicia (November): I actually saw Scott & Keri together at "Meet the Parents" in Westwood the first weekend the movie came out.  They walked out of the theater and down a huge flight of stairs & were RIGHT behind my friend and I the entire way out (my friend Tony opened the door for Keri Russell, and she said Thank you & smiled). They were sitting like 3 rows behind us, it was very exciting to say the least.  Keri was wearing a cute long green suede coat - I've seen her wearing it on the show before.   She is so petite, probably like 5'3" and he's probably around 5'9" or 5'10".  They couldn't have been any cuter basically.  He was wearing light colored jeans and a white t-shirt. 

TKTV (October 25): Keri Russell and Scott Speedman were spotted at the Radiohead concert last Friday night.

Watch with Wanda (October 4): Keri Russell and Scott Speedman are still very much a couple, even though they're staying supersecretive about it. Don't expect many public appearances together.

Movieline (October): Keri Russell and Scott Speedman seen laughing over lunch at the Ivy on Roberston Boulevard.

LA Magazine (October): Just as adorable were Felicity stars Keri Russell, Scott Speedman and
Scott Foley, taking a stroll to a sidewalk cafe near the set of their hit WB show. The trio laughed and jogged down the street to their table, Speedman and Foley looking like twins in their matching faded jeans, white T-shirts and baseball hats. Russell looked just as casual cool in her ankle length skirt and flimsy top. The three pals were no doubt congratulating Foley on his recent nuptials to actress Jennifer Garner. The couple found love on the set when Garner played Foley's girlfriend in a guest appearance during the show's freshman year. Speedman and Russell, who are also an item, seemed to fight off any doubts of their bliss by hugging and holding hands throughout the meal. "They're totally in love," an insider tells me. Ain't love grand?

Toronto Star (September 11...Rita Zekas): Meanwhile back at the Tribute, assorted boldface including Jeff Bridges; Paltrow's parents, Blythe Danner and Bruce Paltrow; Scott Speedman; Roddy Doyle; Philip Seymour Hoffman; André Braugher; and Kate Hudson (in fabo D&G shoes) were listening to Molly Johnson sing. .

E! Online (September 9...Michelle): Saw Ben (Affleck), Gwyn (Paltrow), and Scott along with Maria Bello at the Duets premiere at the Toronto Film Festival tonight. My friends and I were across the road from the Elgin Theater and watched the limos pull up. Scott Speedman arrived first with his mom.

Cosmopolitan (September): Though on-screen Felicity and Ben had to make their love work long-distance while school was out, off-screen, Keri Russell and Scott Speedman spent their downtimes doing some close-up canoodling.  They took a romantic getaway to Bali and stayed at the exclusive Amankila resort, a spy tells us.   "They were very romantic together," the source says.  "They spent their days going to the beach and sipping champagne and Corona at the bar.   They always held hands when they went to dinner and looked very sweet together."

Amanda (September):   Coming back from lunch, I was walking through the lobby of the building where I work, when I saw a guy with really nifty looking shoes. I decided to go over and compliment his footwear choices. A few seconds into the compliment, I realized that the guy with the cool shoes was Scott Speedman, a.k.a. Ben from Felicity, a.k.a. Yum. And while outwardly, I remained semi-cool, on the inside, I was going completely nuts. Now, you may not understand what is so weird about this, so I'll transcribe my conversation with Scott:

Me: Hey, I like your shoes.
Scott: Oh, thanks.
Me: Oh! You're Scott Speedman. Well, you know that.
Scott: [laughs] Yeah. What's your name?
Me: Amanda.
Scott: Well, thanks for complimenting my shoes.
Me: You're welcome. I have to get back to work now. Bye!
Scott: Bye!

That was it. I complimented his shoes, told him his own name, and went back to work. With anyone else, it would have been no big deal. Yet as soon as I got back to work, I told all my coworkers, "Omigod, I just met Scott Speedman!" and told all the people I was talking to online, "Omigod, I just met Scott Speedman!" and reported every word that was said, and how cute he was in person, and how cool it was that he wasn't a jerk, etc.

Dylan (August):  After the movie was over, I made a trip around the corner to see a bunch of chums who were keeping Amy company at her bar. We drank quite a bit, we did. A bunch of pitchers. A bunch of shots. You get the idea. You're an alcoholic. Apparently Scott Speedman, the guy who plays "Ben" on the television show "Felicity" was in the bar. That created quite a stir, but we never ran into him. Someone said that there were a bunch of girls outside the bar fighting over who "got" Scott. So yeah, everyone left and I waited for Amy to finish her shift. After she was finished, we went next door to Fran's diner for a coffee and debreifing. And you'll never guess who should show up. Yes, Mr. Scott Speedman. Scott was just hanging out with his friends. There was a table full of giddy girls in the booth next to him. They were all trying to be flirty, but weren't having much success. So here's what I do. Remember, I'm the schmooze king. On my way back from the washroom, I walk past his table. I catch a glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye and do a double take. I stop at his table and this is what I say: "Hey. You're the guy from........um......" And I put that "um" (accompanied by a pause) in there on purpose. I pause just long enough for him to start rolling his eyes because he had heard this a million times before. The exact same words. The exact same way. But this is all part of my plan. He starts to roll his eyes and I say: "um.....The Kitchen Party"? You see "The Kitchen Party" is this obscure Canadian film starring Scott Speedman. And no one has seen it. Except for me, of course. I'm Mr. Canadian TV/Film, don't forget. And every once in a while, it comes in handy. So I say "um.....The Kitchen Party" and Scott and all of his friends stop dead in their tracks. Their jaws dropped and then Scott's friends started applauding me. They were all so ecstatic that I had just referenced this obscure film. Scott and I then chatted it up about The Kitchen Party. We talked about what we liked about it, what we didn't like about it. About the director and what he's like/where he's from. Some upcoming project that the director is working on, some good films coming up at the Toronto International Film Festival. Some of Scott's new projects. You know, just "biz" talk. Scott and his friends ate me up with a spoon. One of Scott's friends noticed my studded bracelet and asked me if I liked rock'n'roll. I gave him the rock'n'roll salute and said yes. He was all, "Do you like KISS"? I said that Kiss was okay, but they were a bit too faux-glam for me. They asked me what i was into and I told them "um, I guess garage rock and blues-punk". They were curious. So then I sat these guys down (even though they were already sitting) and gave them a lesson in the arts of Tricky Woo, Danko Jones, The Unband and The Mooney Suzuki. So not only did I hang out with Scott Speedman, but I schooled his ass on the finer points of life - including Tricky Woo. I am a god among men. Then, on my way out, I taught them all my special handshake. And they fucking loved it. I'm a king. So what if I can't play guitar. Foo.

The Awful Truth (August 24): Scott Speedman, it has been noticed at more than one glittering Hollywood gathering, has the most adorable new habit of hiking up his shirt and rubbing his bellybutton. You know, like some old geezers jangle the change in their pockets? Same nervous habit, I'm sure. Just a helluva lot more pleasing to watch, that's all. Ab report: smooth, flat, and most important, my little anatomy fanatics--an innie. Mon dieu! Be still, my kinky heart!

Page Six (August 17): Scott Speedman was visiting his homeland of Toronto for a friend's wedding last weekend, and on his way back was told that his U.S. work visa had expired and he couldn't reenter the country. Production has had to be shifted around him, and Speedman's lawyers are working frantically to get him out of Canada.

US Weekly ( August 14): Felicity startlet Keri Russell was so busy nuzzling beau Scott Speedman while driving that she nearly rammed a Lexus SUV. When she realized it, Russell waved to the other driver and sped off.

TV Hits Australia (August 1):  It might look like a scene right out of 'Felicity', but for these two lovebirds, life is no imitating art!   Felicity star Keri Russell and her co-star Scott Speedman spend a lot of time working together as the on-again/off-again Felicity and Ben on the show - and now look what's happened in real life! The cute and cuddly pair are head over heels in love and, judging by the two days they spend out and about in the sunshine, they cannot keep their hands off each other!  Right in the middle of the day, and in full view of anyone walking past, Keri and Scott (whose beard is now longer than his hair!) were kissing and cuddling and climbing all over each other. Keri, who is so shy on the show, smooched up a storm as Scott pulled some wild and wacky faces to keep things light and bright. But, it's not just romance which these guys have in common on and off screen. On the show, Ben and Felicity work in a cool coffee shop, and in real life they apparently don't go anywhere without a mega mug of the hot stuff to keep them peppy! (Pictures)

Anonymous (August):   i was in the beverly center in LA of course and just saw this rugged hansome blonde cutie. he was wearing a white t-shirt, torn jeans, and had a rugged green backpack on. out of my two other girlfriends, i always talk to the cute guys first. they just started walking on the other side of the mall. i walked right towards him and said "how's it going scott?" letting me hand out to him, he stopped and smiled, and he took my hand and said "im doing great" a little pause.....because he obviously didn't know who i was and said "i gotta run, nice seeing you". that was the best day of my LIFE...he was just very sincere and didn't seem all stressed out

The Awful Truth (July 27): Scott Speedman and Keri Russell took in the (Travis) concert as well. The young hunk--who was, for some inexplicable reason, not wearing that baseball cap I thought was sewn into his wavy locks--had his arm around Keri, and was acting rather like what I've been saying they are for months now.

E! Online (July 26...tisha): I saw them last Saturday (July 22) at Baja Grill in Westwood. Scott was really handsome, and Keri looked great.

E! Online (July 24...Nicole): Seen them at Baja Grill in Westwood. They looked like a normal couple. Scott was really cute, but he looked like a slob. And Keri was beautiful, although I didn't like what she was wearing. Afterwards, they went to National Westwood to watch What Lies Beneath.

Thirsty.com (July 20): Felicity herself was at the Brit pop Travis show in Los Angeles on Thursday , July 20th, and you'll never guess who she was with. Curly locked Keri Russell was spotted with none other than on-screen love interest Scott Speedman at the show. That's right: Felicity and Ben are together on and off the screen. Looking quite cuddly, the two were dancing and singing: they both knew all the words to "Why Does It Always Rain on Me?"" I couldn't tell which they were into more: the show or each other. In fact, my source tells me they were making out in front of everybody.

Willamette Week (July 19): Two of television's beautiful people strolled the streets of Portland (Oregon) last weekend. Keri Russell, aka Felicity Porter, and Scott Speedamn, aka Ben Covington, left the set of the WB's fav teen show, Felicity, for a quick vacation. Stops included Italian restaurants Fratelli and Caffe Mingo.

E! Online (June 17...Kerri Corcoran): I was at a Dodger game (in the nosebleed section), and Scott Speedman and two of his friends were sitting right in front of me. I think one of his friends was Richard from the show Felicity.

New York Daily News (May 20): Keri Russell, despite her claim that there's "no one particularly special" in her life, just had a romantic getaway with Felicity costar Scott Speedman. Our spy caught them holding hands at the luxe Amankila resort in Bali.

E! Online (May 3...Amanda): I was at a mall in Westlake/Agoura Hills, and I saw Scott Speedman walking across the parking lot and go into Macaroni Grill with an older guy...possibly a relative? Anyway, we made eye contact a couple of times, and I was like, "Wow, he's beautiful."

Kim (May):  I spotted them hand in hand at the Taipei (Taiwan) airport recently.

E! Online (April 6...Miss Jo): I saw them (Scott and Keri) together at a screening of Wonder Boys in West Hollywood the weekend it opened (a few weeks ago, I know). They looked like they were trying to be "low profile" (baseball caps), but just before the lights went down, he had his arm on the back of her chair and was touching her neck...and after the movie, they left the theater holding hands.

The Awful Truth (April 6): Just as Leonardo is rumored to have a new love interest these days, I'm hearing more reports from the set of the beleagured Felicity, where those two gorgeous kids, Scott Speedman and Keri Russell, often toil. Sometimes even in front of the cameras. "They are definitely an item," says yet another source of mine from the production. (I swear, that set is starting to get as many Chatty Cathys as Charlie's Angels, and sister, that's a helluva lot of chitter chatter.) "There is no question that they're dating. But how commited it is, I don't know." Well, maybe that's something the two of them are trying to decide. Let's give the lovebirds time, shall we? I think it's safe to say that appearing together at events and hand holding in public is a good start at a nice old-fashioned love affair. Now, the real question: Who's got the cuter hairdo? Answer me that, gossip gang.

katrillion.com (April 6): The two Felicity stars seem to be enjoying a very felicitous relationship off screen--even though they deny it. We had an eyewitness report them smooching ages ago, but now a source from the set of the in-jeopardy WB drama tells E!'s Ted Casablanca it's true. "They are definitely an item," the source says. "There is no question that they're dating." At least they'll be able to comfort each other if Felicity gets
canceled. I mean, I watched it last night, but I'm a geek. Dawson's ruled, by the way.

The Star (April 5...Jennifer Pearson): Beautiful Felicity star Keri Russell has ditched her longtime boyfriend and is now romancing her hunky co-star Scott Speedman. Scott, 24, plays hearthrob Ben Covington, the object of Felicity's desire. STAR has now learned they've taken the relationship off the set. The new twosome spend all day working together, and now they are together on weekends, too, enjoing cozy lunches at popular L.A. eateries. A friend of Keri's says she turned to Scott after she broke up with her live-in actor boyfriend, Tony Lucca, 24, who appeared with her on the failed TV series Malibu Shores. "Keri and Tony have been having problems for a while. Tony had trouble with her success, plus she was never home. Often she wouldn't get home until two or three in the morning after a studio party, and that really rankled him. It got to the point where they weren't spending any time together at all. So they thought it best to call it quits, and he's moved out. Keri was good buddies with Scott before her breakup with Tony, but now it's developed into something more. They've started doing more things together, and they've really hit it off. They sneak away to the movies. They go to lunch and have nice quiet dinners together. They were at The Newsroom the other day, chowing down on salads and veggie sandwiches. Keri's a health food nut, and so is Scott." Keri and Scott went public with their romance at the recent Golden Globes award show. "Keri seemed to lean on him for support throughout the evening," says the friend. "She says she feels comfortable with him and that she feels like she can trust him." Scott was last linked with Gwyneth Paltrow, his co-star in the big-screen flick, Duets.

The Awful Truth (March 23): Keri Russell is mysterious. Because, of course, who was Keri walking with in Malibu but her costar and gossip-column colleague Scott Speedman? K.R., looking fab in a short black sarong and white tank top. S.S. was typical male---all in scruff. Didn't look overly intimate, but they did do a little playful hand-holding before crossing the street. How nice---they look out for each other. Like all good friends in Hollywood don't.

Watch with Wanda (March 20): Wendy_Hoops: I read somewhere that Keri Russell and Scott Speedman are dating. Any truth to that? Wanda: Nothing's confirmed, but yeah, they've been hanging out. As a side note, Scott was just cast in Wheel Man, an action flick. He'll be a getaway guy who helps pull off a heist.

Rumor Mill (March 12...Tino): Ryan Seacrest of the LA based radio station Star 98.7 announced that a friend of a friend saw Keri Russell and Scott Speedman kissing somewhere in the vicinty of Baja, Mexico.

E! Online (February 23...goodieslip): I was at an Indigo Girls concert at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, and Keri Russell was sitting about three rows in front of me, and dancing like crazy, and Scott Speedman was about three rows behind me, with two girls, one on each arm. Let me tell you, Scott is even hotter in person!

E! Online (February 22...Justin): I was having coffee a couple of weeks ago with my girlfriend at the Starbucks in Westwood right by UCLA when I noticed the pair from the TV show Felicity. The seemed to be sincerely enjoying each other's company. Both are beautiful people.

The Awful Truth (February 10): Ran into Scott Speedman and Jennifer Love Hewitt (separately, dearies) at The Beach premiere at the Chinese Theater (I actually liked the flick, by the way--didn't expect to, either. It's got a great edge, and it's fab to see Leo not trying to be a matinee idol.) But more important than Leo's career arethe love lives of Scott and Jennifer, don't you think? I asked them what the hell is going on? Keri? Carson? What gives? "We just hang out and enjoy each other. We're good friends, " said Speedman, who seemed more than embarrassed that I even posed the question regarding his tooling around town with his Felicity costar. He was much more comfortable chatting about how he loved working with Gwyneth Paltrow in his upcoming flick Duets. Hmmm. Weren't they supposed to have had a pretty friendly professional relationship, too? One union at a time, my dears. "No, Keri and I are not an item," said Scott, who was decked out incognito in a baseball cap and who slumped down even further in his seat as soon as I hit him with the query Keri. In fact, given that he was so taken aback, combined with their very public togetherness recently, I couldn't help but think something's going on. But that's what the dude says. Thought you might sleep better knowing.

E! Online (February 3...Jeannie): In Toronto last winter, I was waiting for my ride in front of my building, I saw a fellow jogging towards me and I noticed him because it was freezing out and he was wearing shorts. I looked up as he went past and it was "Ben"! He's got a great smile and is even better looking in person! :)

The Awful Truth (January 27): Take that barely dressed Keri Russell, for instance. Man, was she in a party moood, I'll tell ya. Maybe that's because Scott Speedman never left her side. I swear, those two are so gorgeous together, they made Ryan Philippe and Reese Witherspoon look like the babysitters they are. Now, more than one nasty soul was saying--out of Keri's earshot--how he (or she) preferred Keri with her longer locks, but I think she looks splendid now. And who cares if Courtney Love's boyfriend had more cleavage--Keri, in her body-hugging sheath looked magnificent. But with the WB making all that noise about how the poor girl's so adversely affected Felicity's standing, I think somebody had to ask her what she thought about the hairy fuss. "I'm just so glad," she said to me in (seriously) mock concern, "they're all so bored over there that's all they've got to think about. But I really don't care. It's so silly." After all, the damn stuff does grow--not that she should let it. I say, keep screwin' with 'em , sweetheart.

katrillion.com (January 18): Our LA spy was out on the town at Luna Park party Saturday night doing some major celeb spotting. The only two we care about are Scott Speedman and David Boreanaz. Our spy says both were "whooping it up" separately, and neither was with a female companion. Why don't they ever attend parties I go to? Don't answer that question.

Tea with Ted (January 6): Keri Russell and her boyfriend of eight years, Tony Lucca, are splitting up again, so I hear. Is all that talkie-talk about Keri and her costar Scott Speedman turning out to be true? "They are always together, and always looking really happy about it," says a source from the set.

| 1999 |

The Awful Truth (December 16): As in, Scott Speedman and Keri Russell. The two took in a performance of Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Henry Fonda in Hollywood, and it wasn't just the audience that noticed. "Maybe I should cut my hair, " said Hedwig from the stage when he saw the Felicity star in the orchestra. I say maybe Hedwig asked the wrong question. Just what, exactly, was Keri's costar from the show doing by her side, with the two looking cozy as could be together? Whew! So many amorous items...I don't know if I can take all this pubescent love.

Tea With Ted (December 16): Question: I've all but given up hope that Hollywood will give us male nudity to the same extent we see the female variety. But, if it did happen, which actors do you think would be most comfortable showing us their goodies? And which would be the least? This has nothing to do with natural attributes, only with the comfort and enthusiasm factor.  Ted: On the comfort list: Kevin Costner, Christian Slater, Bruce Willis, Jim Carrey, Jason Priestley, Billy Baldwin. On the discomfort list: Alec Baldwin, Warren Beatty, David Boreanaz, Scott Speedman and Nathan Lane.

The New York Daily News (November 11): Goldie Hawn's daughter, 19-year-old actress Kate Hudson, and 23-year-old Scott Speedman, of TV's "Felicity" were thisclose at a dinner party over the weekend in Los Angeles.

E! Online (October 17...gia): While dining at a restaurant in West Hollywood, who should sit beside us but Keri Russell, Scott Speedman, and some friends of theirs. We were all waiting to hear Keri Russell's real life boyfriend (Tony Lucca) perform later on that night at that restaurant.

The New York Daily News (October 17): Monica Lewinsky's diet looks as if it's paying off. The Sexgate siren, who's reportedly being paid $10,000 by Jenny Craig for every pound she sheds, looked almost svelte at an L.A. party Thursday. Lewinsky, in a black cardigan and form-fitting pants, turned heads when she walked into the Pool club to celebrate a new Hugo Boss store. Lewinsky came with party pal Camryn Mannheim of "The Practice."  Lewinsky didn't seem as star-struck as usual. She kept to herself at the bar amid such hunks as Brad Pitt, Mark Wahlberg and Rod Stewart, who came with his daughter, Kim. Perry Farrell and Mark Ronson spun records to the crowd sipping on Piper-Heidsieck Champagne that included Ben Stiller, David Arquette with Courteney Cox, Christian Slater, Tobey Maguire, Lukas Haas, Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath, Gwyneth Paltrow's brother Jake and her "Duets" co-star Scott Speedman.

E! Online (October...dee): I was at my gym in NYC around 4:30 pm or so, on the treadmill, and Scott Speedman walked past me to the pool area. His t-shirt was wet (sweat). I didn't bother him, but he was there at least two hours...he looked all scruffy, like he hadn't shaved for days...same as on Felicity.

LA Magazine (September 9): Felicity hunk Scott Speedman, literally stopping traffic at the corner of Doheny and Wilshire while jogging and listening to a Walkman.

Tea with Ted (July 15): pious: What do you hear about Gwyneth Paltrow dating Lee Eastman? Is it just for the Kodak bucks? Ted: Well, Your Holiness, confession tells me that yes, they're playing around--a bit of a Scott Speedman-quickie thing there.

The Toronto Star (July 11): Felicity object of desire Scott Speedman got his tresses trimmed at
Peter Anthony Salon in Yorkville on Thursday. Speedman is here to perform in the Equity showcase Theatre production of Edward Albee's The Zoo Story. Act fast! He's here for three nights only - July 21, 22 and 23. And we happen to know they've already swept his hair off the floor at Anthony salon.

Tea with Ted (June 3): longstone: What do you hear about Gwyneth Paltrow and Scott Speedman? Ted: Well, hello! We've been discussing this for how long?! I do hear it's tapering off. I should have asked Ben when I was in Cannes. But I didn't. I don't think we've seen the last of Mr. Speedman.

Erin (May..Cranberries concert): the wiltern seems to always be crawling with celebrities. we sat up on a staircase towards the back just watching the front area..and after about 10 min or so, we're both looking just right across from us to the right..next to the very uncrowded exit..and im just looking casually..and staring at this guy that just...SLOWLY becomes familiar looking...like..i recognized him from the side, but not the front. he was with an older woman and they were just talking and drinking as im thinking 'hm..he looks familiar," val goes 'wow he looks like the guy from felicity' and i was like...'yeah youre right..it looks like ben..i cant tell tho' and we would be certain cos of his weird squinty cute eyes and canadian mouth...but then when he faced us we were like 'no it isnt' and after a few minutes val was like "NO IT IS" and i was like...'no, i just dont think so' even tho val is usually right..then three people walk up to him. the second they do val and i look at each other, pull the sharpie out of my bag and sprint forward. hahahaha. we were so ready when they did it..i waited, and val started talking to someone about van gogh and totally missed it. hahaha.  he had turned to go in and i tapped his elbow and said hi. i apologized for buggin him yadda yadda and asked him to sign my ticket..i apologized (god i get stupid) for it being a aticket. i said it was the only thing i had and he was like 'oh its ok' and asked me my name and how to spell it. his mother seemed to like BEAM with pride everytime someone asked for his atuograph. it was cute. as he signed it on his knee (bent down) i tried to make small talk..i was like 'so are you a big cranberries fan?' and he said something like 'yeah i like them..i flew down from toronto to come to this with my mom' and i think i was like 'wow thats cool...' then he finished signing and i thanked him and told him to enjoy the show and he smiled and i left. haha. i remember saying 'i love the show' too. he got to walk one row up before shouts of "BEN" were being yelled across the theatre. 3 random girls grabbed him and took pictures and didnt say anything. i once again tapped his elbow, aplogized and asked to take a photo. my god he is so sweet! he said 'sure' and AS we posed i tried to chit chat again. haha. why as we posed? i was like 'what did you think of the show' he kinda raved about how good it was for a moment as i just nodded along in agreement. then i thanked him for being so sweet and bid farewell. he was walking out right behind us too. haha. he looked so confused because i could hear people calling him from everywhere. we walked out and stood on the stairs again for a moment, and i noticed him walking out with his arm around his mom and his head down to hide his face poor guy. cant go anywhere!

Tea with Ted (April 15): Less obvious but infinitely more luscious was...Scott Speedman, at the same gig (Alanis Morissette). Zero attitude. Talked to anybody who approached. Never stopped smiling and drinking beer. (Of course, the latter had nothing to do with the former, comprende?) Closed his eyes and sang along to all of A.M.'s tunes.

Tea with Ted (March 25): You won't believe what I heard--that Gwyneth Paltrow was with Ed Norton right before the Oscars. I think Scott Speedman is closer to the truth.

New York Daily News (March 23): Gwyneth Paltrow made the party rounds Sunday night with two Golden Boys. One was the Oscar she won for Best Actress. The other was her new best friend, actor Scott Speedman.  Speedman — who stars in the hit TV show "Felicity" — replaced Paltrow's ex-fiance Brad Pitt as her co-star in the new movie "Duets." Speedman also looks like he may be filling in for Pitt in other ways.  The pair mamboed at the Vanity Fair party (while Paltrow's granddad, Buster, held her statuette). Come the wee hours, at Miramax' party at the Beverly Hills Hotel, the "Duets" duo were holding hands and brushing cheeks.  Mind you, Paltrow's rep insists there's no romance. "Scott has become a very good friend of the whole Paltrow family," says Gwyn's publicist, Steven Huvane. "What you were seeing was a nice, warm feeling of a good friend toward a family. Scott is like a little brother to her."  Speedman happens to be only three years younger than the 26-year-old Paltrow, who was bejeweled by Harry Winston for the ceremony.  "Little brother" also happens to have soulful eyes, a stubbly beard and a strapping bod. He also has the approval Bruce Paltrow, her father and the director of "Duets," who recently told USA Today that Speedman "is very shy, very sweet and very talented."  "They're definitely a couple," said one party guest who hung with them Monday night.  One thing's for sure: Paltrow and ex-beau Ben Affleck seem to have cooled out.  Although she thanked him in her Oscar speech, the "Shakespeare in Love" co-stars paths crossed only briefly after the Awards.

New York Post (February 2): We knew it. At a recent lavish premiere party, Scott Speedman, star of the hit WB show "Felicity," looked so lonely and forlorn it seemed like he didn't have a friend, or fawning flack, in the world. In the upcoming issue of Jane magazine, Speedman confirms his loner status. "I'm no pick-up artist," he says. "I'm not really good in that department. I get really shy and embarrassed." In fact, at the party, Speedman blushed profusely when anyone approached, and stood in a corner alone, nursing a beer, all night long. Somebody get this guy a girlfriend.


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