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UltimateTV : Scott Foley and Scott Speedman are stars of The WB's new fall series "Felicity." Speedman plays the guy Felicity really digs. Scott Foley was on "Dawson's Creek" and plays the dark horse in the love triangle on the show.

hankus: Which character is more like you -- the character on "Dawson's Creek" or "Felicity"?

Scott Foley: Cliff and Noel are left and right. Cliff is the perfect All-American high school jock quarterback jock guy. Noel is a little more laid back, not as cool. I actually relate more to Noel, not that I was the geek, but he's more honest. Cliff was the perfect guy, you don't find people like that. Noel is honest and true and has problems, he's so much more fun to play.

philS: Does it feel that you're whole life is about the change?

Scott Speedman: It's weird I guess, it's hard to understand what that is. People keep telling me that's going to happen. The only thing I'm worried about is privacy. That's kind of scary. I don't like that too much.

Paceyschick : Are you still going to be on "Dawson's Creek" now that you have another show?

Scott Foley: I don't know, I'd love to go back and do another couple episodes. I think it's going to be tough, "Felicity" shoots in L.A., "Dawson's" in North Carolina. They're amazing kids. I'd like to spend time with them.

jenjen: What's the craziest thing either one of you have done for love?

Scott Speedman: I've driven by a girl in high school's house.

Scott Foley: I met someone in a coffee shop the other day. And I was reading a script for "Felicity" and this girl started talking to me. She kept asking me questions, she said she was from New York, that she's out here trying to act. She asked me where a casting office was. She took off in a cab, then left her cell phone and came back. I knew where she was going, so I drove to the casting office, and waited in the room for her, and she came out after her audition. I said I know this is strange. I called her the next day. And that was a week-and-a-half ago.

xander170 : In real life would you go for Katie or Michelle?

Scott Foley: Right now, today, I'd go for Katie, Michelle isn't 18 years old yet.

denbo: Has anyone told you that you look like Patrick Dempsey?

Scott Speedman: Yes, a lot. It's cool. It's funny. I don't see it so much but everybody tells me that.

james: Do you have a favorite word?

Scott Foley: Amazing has been my favorite word as of late. People have asked me recently 'how are you doing,' and I say amazingly well.

Scott Speedman: Privacy is my favorite word.

nirvanafan : How old are you two?

Scott Speedman: 22.

Scott Foley: 26.

wanda: In "Felicity".. There's a keychain with the panic button.. Anytime in life you wish you had it?

Scott Speedman: This morning maybe, just walking out into that (the big press conference) hoorah.

Scott Foley: Aside from when the girl didn't call me back? I think when I found out that "Felicity" was going to get picked up. I was so excited, but there was a panic about what would happen next That is panic enough.

jenjen: Who's tougher -- Noel or Cliff ?

Scott Foley: On the surface, Cliff is definitely someone you wouldn't want to screw with. But if i had to choose someone to be in my corner, I think I'd choose Noel. I think he's better at dealing with many problems. And if it came down to it, he'd be the one to take my back.

nirvanafan : How do you and the cast get along with each other???

Scott Speedman: Very well.

Scott Foley: We spend quite a bit of time off the set together.

Scott Speedman: Keri's been in Ireland for a couple of months. It's not a set where you kind of dread going to work.

tornadoe: What did you do both this summer?

Scott Speedman: I was going to school in Pasadena - the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Scott Foley: I took a train trip, saw the company, spent time with my parents in St. Louis.

nirvanafan : Do you like the show "Buffy?" If so, What do you think of Sarah Michelle Gellar?

Scott Speedman: Honestly I've never seen the show, and I don't know the girl.

holycow: "Geek RA" that name you give yourself on the show.. Is it accurate?

Scott Foley: I think that's how Noel views himself. That's not necessarily how people see him when you take the lower status sometimes it can elevate you to another level. I think he thinks he is.

amkm : Where will you be when the show premieres this fall?

Scott Speedman: We'll have a party, syoure. But we're going to be shooting.

Scott Foley: We'll probably go to somebody's house. Let's volunteer Tony Krantz.

hollydream : Have either have you have done any modeling?

Scott Foley: No.

Scott Speedman: No.

philS: Are you familiar with "Celebrity Death Match" on MTV... Who would win -- Ally or Felicity?

Scott Foley:: Ally McBeal took boxing, right? She's tough, but I think Felicity would win.

buffyndcrock : Foley and Speedman: What attracted you to this role?

Scott Speedman: The fact that I could see parts of my life in there. That's what I like to do. That's most exciting, when you can see something you can identify with.

Scott Foley: For me to Noel, it was a character I hadn't played before. I'd always played the jock. I was excited to play a character with a little more depth. If I'm able to bring any part of myself to the character, that's great.

hollydream : Have the press given you any problems?

Scott Speedman: No.

Scott Foley: No.

UltimateTV : Any last words to your fans?

Scott Foley: Watch the show, you'll dig it.

Scott Speedman: I wouldn't want to be on another show.

Scott Foley: We set out to do a good show and the fact that people have received us, we're proud of it.


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