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Ben's the kind of guy who focuses on improving his sprint speed and himself. 

He'll star in your dreams if: you dig the strong, silent type. He's often stuck on a personal problem, so you may feel like coming to his rescue and playing amateur shrink.

Why you'd tune him out: Those brooding, soul-searching stares are fine for, like, 20 minutes, but you may really want a guy who can open ip and lighten up.

Where to catch a real-life version: If he's not out on the track trying to beat his best time, then there's a good chance he's hangin' at at home, pondering life's problems.

Cutie Close-Up

YM: Would it drive you crazy if you were around a girl like Felicity who told you what she thought all the time?

SS:That'd be a good thing. I think that's why Ben keeps going back to her. It's like, I hate this but I need it. She doesn't let him get away with all his stuff.

YM:How does every one distinguish between the two Scotts on the set?

SS:Everyone calls me Speedy. I've actually been called that my whole life, but it really caught on when I was a swimmer in high school.

YM: How do you think being an athlete helped you act?

SS: You learn discipline and focus, swimming made me focus on being serious if I was going to do it right.

YM: So what do you look for in a girl?

SS: Just natural, simple. Not a lot of makeup, just easygoing and funny.


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