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The Outsider On the Inside (Movieline: March/April 2003)

Speedman's Life Going Swimmingly (The Saskatoon Star Phonix: 02.28.03)

Q & A (The Tribute: 02.24.03)

Real Monster (The Calgary Sun: 02.23.03)

Great Scott!  (The Calgary Sun: 02.23.03)

Great Scott!  (The Edmonton Sun: 02.23.03)

Speedman Lands Felicitous Role (The Boston Herald: 02.21.03)

Speedman Taking Off Reel Fast (The Toronto Sun: 02.21.03)

Scott Speedman: Risking It ( 02.18.03)

Crooked Cops Take (New U: 02.13.03)

Q & A (US:  02.05.03)


Felicity Says Farewell ( 05.16.02)

Felicity's Graduation Day (  04.10.02)

Winter Olympics 2002:  Scott Speedman (People: 01.02.02)


Male Pattern Boldness (Entertainment Weekly:  12.21.01)

Scott Speedman Fills in the Blanks (  12.2.01)

TV Gal Tallies the Top Ten TV Characters ( 12.03.01)

Acting Like Ballers (  11.01)

No Escape from LA (Premiere: 11.01)

Face Analysis ( 10.01)

New Bad-Hair Day for Felicity (National Post Quebec:  07.06.01)

Stars Enjoy a Basketball League of Their Own (USA Today: 06.05.01)

Acting Like Ballers ( 05.01)

Scott Speeds Out of LA (TV Guide: 04.13.01)


Hairy Situation (Entertainment Weekly:  10.04.00)

Speed Demons (US: 10.02.00)

Duet On-Screen, Not Off (Calgary Sun: 9.25.00)

Felicity Actor Tries Out for Spiderman (Canoe: 06.19.00)

Full Speed Ahead (Soap Opera Digest: 06.13.00)

Tygh Runyan Bares All (The Vancouver Province: 04.05.00)

Profile (Entertainment Tonight: 03.02.00)

Cozy Quarters (InStyle: 03.00)

Built for Speed (Detour: 03.00)

Cutting it in LA (Calgary Sun: 01.14.00)

Buzz Over New Cut (Toronto Sun: 01.12.00)


Q & A (E! Online: 11.15.99)

Felicity is Bliss for Scott Speedman (The Arizona Republic: 11.12.99)

Scott Speedman (Vanity Fair: 09.13.99)

People Profile (People: 08.12.99)

Paying a Profession Its Due (The Toronto Star: 07.15.99)

The It List (Entertainment Weekly: 06.25.99)

Keri Faces Her Felicitous Future (The Toronto Star: 06.13.99)

Scott Speedman (YM, 05.99)

Hot Zone (US:  04.99)

Scott Speedman's Got It (Jane, 03.99)

Scott Speedman (Rolling Stone: 03.99)

Bigger Pond, Bigger Splash (Macleans: 02.01.99)


Scott Speedman Makes 'Em Swoon on Felicity (TV Quest: 12.28.98)

Kitchen Party (The Vancouver Province: 12.18.98)

Canadian Actor in Denial Over His Sudden Fame (CP: 12.03.98)

Speedman Handles Crush of Popularity (The Houston Chronicle: 11.26.98)

A Felicitous Trip to Start Status (The Globe and Mail: 11.05.98)

Scott's a Quick Study (Calgary Sun: 10.09.98)

Kitchen's Cast Cookin' (Calgary Sun: 09.28.98)

Felicity Hoping to Live Up to Hype (CNN: 09.28.98)

Felicitous Beginnings (The Toronto Star: 09.26.98)

Canadian Talent (The Toronto Star: 06.28.98)

The Male Box (InStyle: 00.98)

Kitchen Party (Carissa White:  00.98)


Nancy Drew (Maclean's: 08.28.95)

Dare Pays Off for Nancy Drew Hunk (The Toronto Sun: 08.20.95)


Young Runner Saves Best for Last (The Toronto Star: 05.13.88)


Records Fall at Youth Cup Meet (The Toronto Star: 12.06.87)


Girl, 10, and Boy, 9, Aim for International Titles as Rising Swimming Stars (The Toronto Star: 07.01.86)



MSN:  Scott Speedman (02.19.03)

|2002 |

E! Online:  Watch With Wanda, Chat with Felicity Cast (5.20.02)

AOL:  Scott Foley (04.25.02)

| 2001 |

Kurt's Season Opener! (Entertainment Tonight:  05.30.01)

| 2000 |

"Don't Try to Leave the Country:" Entertainment Tonight (10.09.00)

Felicitous:   An Interview With the Cast of Felicity ( 10.01.00)

Good Morning America (09.25.00)

KTLA Morning Show (09.14.00)

MTV FANatic (05.07.00)

Chez Carla (04.30.00)

TV Plex Chat (02.17.00)

| 1999 |

Canada AM: CTV (07.16.99)

Canada AM: CTV (06.08.99)

TV Plex Chat (05.18.99)

| 1998 |

Open Mike (11.27.98)

Canada AM (11.26.98)

Bright Lights: CTV (11.24.98)

Ultimate TV (09.98)



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